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This Friday, October 14, the dollar began the day breaking its upward trend of recent days. The foreign currency, in the first hours, was below the 4,600 pesos in which it had been positioned in recent weeks.

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At 8:41 am, it registered an average trading price of $4,557.20. That is, 62.58 pesos below the Representative Market Rate, TRM, of the day, which is $4,619.78.

By 11:32 am, the currency rallied and stood at an average value of $4,557.20. Then, near the end of the day, the foreign currency gained strength and reached the highest price in the history of Colombia: $4,707.

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Now, the maximum trading price was $4,707 and the minimum was $4,548.25. The day opened with a value of $4,555.00 and has registered $4,687.00 as the last price.

It should be remembered that on October 13, the currency registered the third highest price in the country’s history with an average price of $4,619.78.

Although at the end of the day it registered a strong decline, the dollar managed to exceed $4,666 at the beginning of operations after knowing the inflation data in the United States that was above expectations.

At the end of the session, the average of the currency (the value closest to the official rate of the weekend) stood at 4,638.61 pesos, being the highest historical record, trend that has been accentuated in recent weeks.

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