Between tears, Sebastian Ligarde talks about the colon tumor he suffers

  • The reporter Inés Moreno announced that Sebastián Ligarde was facing a colon tumor.
  • The actor confirmed this afternoon the health problem he faces in an interview with the program ‘First Hand’.
  • Sebastián Ligarde stated that it was 4 months ago when the tumors were detected in a routine check-up.

After Inés Moreno announced that Sebastián Ligarde was supposedly emotionally ill because they found a tumor in his colon and had refused to give him an interview, this October 14 the actor confirmed the information on the program “First Hand” and added that it is not one cyst, but two.

On her YouTube channel, Inés Moreno said that they had found a tumor in the actor’s colon, but could not confirm if they were benign, because he did not want to provide more information.

Now the actor offered more details about his diagnosis to the program ‘First hand’ in which he confirmed what Inés Moreno said and recounted how these were found tumors.

Between tears, Sebastián Ligarde confirmed that he suffers from a tumor in the colon

“I had a colonoscopy, which I did routinely, without any symptoms, without any nothing at all, I just went to have it done because I had not done it for 10 years. And it turns out that they found two tumors, one of 10 millimeters and another of 33 “Ligarde said.

The ‘Quinceañera’ actor clarified that still unknown if they are benign or malignant, Well, his analytics have given unstable results, so the doctors have not provided him with a diagnosis.

However, Ligarde shared that he is struggling with the bureaucracy to be able to speed up the surgery of the largest cyst, since the first one has already been removed.

Between tears, Sebastián Ligarde confirmed that he suffers from a tumor in the colon

“We have been with different endoscopists for 4 months, seeing what the procedure will be to move this slightly large mass, but we are fighting with the bureaucracy of the health system to get out of this surgery, because they may try to remove it with a colposcopy and if not it will be an operating room” .

The actor confessed that he has the support of his partner and his son, but it has not been easy for any of the three, since he has been very unstable after the diagnosis and has lived “4 months of psychological and physical suffering.”

Through tears, the actor expressed that the greatest learning from this experience is to value time and life, because you never know if there will be a tomorrow.

Between tears, Sebastián Ligarde confirmed that he suffers from a tumor in the colon

“I think that a lesson to be learned for everyone, and I think that time. Everything that many times we see as misfortunes, are blessings, because we do not know if we have tomorrow, All the things that used to distress me or worried me or hurt me, now I embrace them because they mean that I am alive. Give thanks to God for every day that you wake up with someone who loves you, with someone you love and who still have the strength to do things.” commented.

He expressed his desire to return to Mexico and teach, because I assure you that more than returning to the stage at this time, the illusion of returning to his country and teaching the new generations excites him too much.

Finally, Sebastián Ligarde mentioned that “this is part of life, diseases after sixty years of age, it is part of life, we must be strong, face it and be positive”.

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