Arturo Vidal could not travel to Chile for Flamengo and so he had to say goodbye to his father


Arturo vidal He is going through some of the hardest moments on a personal level. The midfielder of flamingo lost his father this week, who was found dead in Santiago, Chile.

Perhaps the funeral of a loved one was not the most conventional way of attending, but the player did not miss the wake of Erasmus Vidal and followed him through an Instagram live.

Arthur could not leave Brazil at this difficult time for his family, since the flamingo played on Thursday the first leg of the Brazilian Cup against Corinthiansso he had to say goodbye to his father through social networks.

“Dad, today I will miss your good luck message before the game, but I know that you will be supporting us from above, now to win this Cup and the one to come, for you and for all those who support me day by day,” the Chilean wrote. on your Instagram account.

Erasmo Vidal abandoned Arturo and his mother when the player was a child, but they always kept in touch.

But many fans of Vidal they were surprised when they received the notification that the player had started a live broadcast because upon entering it was a shared video call with his sister Amberwho was at the wake of Erasmus and showed the coffin with the crown of flowers that adorned it.

The footballer spent several minutes sharing his image in the transmission and he was seen very hurt. It was a very emotional moment, he could not hold back his tears and received messages of support from his fans.

The relationship of Arthur with his father he was not very close. Erasmus Vidalwho suffered cardiorespiratory arrest and hypovolemic shock at the age of 61 while in the facilities of the Equestrian Club from Santiago, where his son has his horses, he abandoned both him and his mother and siblings when they were minors.

The player’s father was also known for some scandals. One of the most resounding was in 2015, when he was arrested by the Police for carrying knives and cocaine, although he was released shortly after.

Despite the turbulent relationship they had, the Chilean media assure that Arthur he helped his father financially until the last day.

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