Andrea Legarreta and her terrible role as a judge “advising” Romina Marcos to lose weight

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - OCTOBER 22: Romina Marcos poses for photo during the new Muniso store opening at Plaza Carso on October 22, 2021 in Mexico City, Mexico.  (Photo by Media and Media / Getty Images)

Romina Marcos is 27 years old and in the past she has talked about her physical changes (Photo: Media and Media/Getty Images).

XXI century and many still feel entitled to criticize or qualify the body of others, specifically that of women, as has just happened to Romina Marcos, who was also suggested to lose weight during a program on national television.

Romina Marcos is one of the stars participating in the contest The stars dance today in their “Champion of Champions” edition of the morning magazine Today and in his first week he already faces his first great controversy over the “advice” of one of the judges to the 27-year-old girl.

Marcos dances next to Josh Gutiérrez and they defend their title of champions. In their participation on October 12, the jury praised the couple’s beauty, dedication and passion in their movements and so far, all good.

But when Andrea Legarreta – who is also called “the candy judge” for supposedly being the most belligerent – it was her turn to speak, she left us in shock for his words: “Romi… how nice, you’re beautiful, they’re both beautiful!, but what I’m going to do is that also… having put more into exercise, losing a little more weight, that will help Josh a lot and, of course, you. Make a change, and that’s very valuable.”

Andrea Legarreta.  (Photo by Jaime Nogales/Media and Media/Getty Images)

Andrea Legarreta. (Photo by Jaime Nogales/Media and Media/Getty Images)

Maybe it wasn’t his intention, but the body shaming by Legarreta a Romina evidences the toxic behavior that has been made visible in recent years and shame people for their body type.

Each body is different, and a comment, no matter how naive it may seem, can impact the self-esteem and safety of others, it can even lead to eating disorders and/or body dysmorphia, something that Niurka Marcos’ daughter has suffered firsthand.

The action of the host of “Hoy” did not go unnoticed in the networks, where she has received numerous criticisms.

On YouTube they also commented: “what horror of Andrea that messes with people’s bodies in this case of Romi, she is beautiful and looks spectacular; for comments like this lady, there is Dana Paola how is she, what horror” .

A physical change to “fit in”

Last August, the actress opened her heart and talked about how even though she knew she was skinny, she always looked fat in her mind and that’s why she goes to great lengths to stay underweight.

“I just saw a story of mine from 2020. For those who have followed me since 2020 and long ago, well, you will already know that I lost a lot of weight; for those who did not, I lost a lot of weight, then I got depressed and went back up — that’s another story.. The case here is this story in 2020 where I tell them that I’m swollen because I was going to lose weight and the dysmorphia that I handled, cannon!, because I remember that I didn’t look that skinny, I I looked more chubby (…) I’m going to tell you one thing, it’s a time when I learned a lot about food,” he said on his Instagram account.

The participant of my husband has a family He had his first opportunity in 2018 on the small screen and with acting he also ventured into music and some reality. And as she gained more media exposure, the pressure to look according to age-old standards of beauty became apparent.

The young woman has confessed that she has undergone various plastic surgeries or aesthetic treatments with the aim of changing what she did not like about her body and face: inserting and removing breast implants, rhinoplasty, shaving her hair and dyeing it.

But at the end of 2021, Romina decided to change her speech and join the philosophy of the body positivea movement that seeks to raise awareness of who we are and how we are to learn not only to accept ourselves but to see ourselves and feel comfortable with our own body, beyond the canons of beauty imposed by brands, fashion or society in general.

Then his content on social networks also changed: now he showed photos and videos where he does not try to hide his “imperfections” such as pimples and marks on his face, his curvy body, his legs with cellulite or even the well-seen and accepted look natural.

“Sometimes I prefer to see myself vulnerable and real on social media, free myself and embrace what I am. Embrace my reality, and I’ve always thought that everything good we have should be shared, maybe you needed to see this,” he posted in a video on Instagram. .

And perhaps we should just learn from this: we are not talking about foreign bodies. Never.

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