Ana Bárbara lashes out at José Manuel Figueroa and calls him “cockroach”

For a few months, the relationship between the artists Ana Barbara Y Jose Manuel Figueroa is tense, due to the public dispute they maintain over the authorship of the song ‘Forbidden fruit’a song that the famous premiered in 2021, and that the son of Joan Sebastian He assures that it is his own.

However, it was on the show ‘Pinkie Promise’ that the singer was honest about it and acknowledged that her worst public conflict is the one she has with the man who was her partner several years ago, for the song that was recorded in 2004, since Jose Manuel has mentioned that he wrote the song in 2001, although he did not record it.

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“Right now I bring a situation with one of my songs that a fan out there, I think, a fan of the song, wants to award it, but we are not going to give publicity,” he mentioned Ana Barbarawho did not hesitate to talk about the issue of female empowerment and express that she now realizes that her ex only takes advantage of her fame in order to be important and be present.

“When you are a woman and you have been in a relationship and then they take advantage of those relationships to want to hurt you or because they see you great or they see you succeeding and suddenly they say ‘let’s see how can I put my paw on the neck of such a person? person who is doing very well and I am doing very badly? “added the famous.

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Likewise, he asked all women not to let themselves be and always raise their voices in the face of all kinds of injustices, added to the fact that he called his ex a cockroach. “Sometimes they can make a little noise like a little cockroach that is out there and you have to put it aside, don’t step on it because they get dirty; but if you can hold on and say: ‘I am going to defend myself and even more so if your dignity, your work, the fruit of your labor and defending your children’s bread are implicit’.

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