American Airlines plane evacuated after returning it to Miami airport due to strange smell in cabin

A totally unusual event occurred at the Miami International Airport, Florida. It turns out that an American Airlines company plane had to make an emergency return to the runway from where it departed, for a singular reason.

The atypical situation had to do with the bad smell given off by one of the passengers’ hand luggage. That unusual event was during the night of last Wednesday, according to a spokesman for the renowned airline.

“The unexpected turn was caused by a strong chemical odor in the cabin. It was caused by the content that a traveler was carrying in his carry-on luggage,” the source confirmed to The New York Post.

The smell was so difficult to bear that several members of the crew were even taken to hospital.

Flight Miami-Barbados landed without difficulties

Indeed, thanks to the agile maneuvers carried out by the crew in charge of the aircraft, the Miami-Barbados flight returned to the runway without difficulty.

American Airlines added that Flight 338 landed safely and without incident. The passengers disembarked safely, too.

To avoid unfortunate situations and, just in time, several Miami-Dade firefighters units arrived at the aforementioned international airport. As soon as they entered the runway, they inspected the plane.

According to statements by the agents present at the scene of the incident, it is not yet known what product the strong odor came from.

Likewise, the passenger who carried said hand luggage has not been identified. Meanwhile, he has not disclosed any information about whether or not he will be prosecuted in court because of what happened.

Fortunately, according to several media outlets, everything was a scare, both for the passengers and for the crew of flight 338 Miami-Barbados.

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