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the spanish singer Amaia Montero, former vocalist of the group “La Oreja de Van Gogh”, She confesses “destroyed” on social networks after publishing a black and white image that has alerted many of her followers in which she appears with a tired appearance, an absent expression and without hair or makeup.

“If hope is the last thing that dies and I haven’t lost it yet, what use is life to me?” The Spanish artist also writes in an enigmatic way among the multiple comments that this photograph, published twice on Instagram, aroused. In another message, in response to her followers about how she was, Montero simply states: “Destroyed.”

The image and these words come just a few days after, with a much more cheerful and lively attitude, he announced on this same social network his return to music with the fifth solo album of his career and the first in four years.

It is not the first time that the voice of alarm has spread around the health of Amaia Montero for your posts. Already in 2020, for example, he apparently said goodbye to public activity with an equally disturbing and terse “see you soon”.

Her fan club then pointed out that the specific trigger for that reaction was the comment of a supposed follower to which she did not react well, which in turn sparked ridicule from other Internet users against the singer.

Also, in September 2018, some messages on Twitter became very popular in which he seemed to suggest his withdrawal from music: “The game is over” (“the game is over”, in Spanish) and “Empezando a farewell and beginning from the beginning”.

This platform was also chosen to be dispatched against Malú after an interview in which he alluded to her when talking about the physical imperatives that singers suffer. “She called me fat, period,” she summed up, annoyed.

Among those controversies is when he criticized that his successor in Van Gogh’s Ear, Leire Martínez will sign discs for the fans from the stage in which she was the group’s vocalist. After achieving fame as the vocalist and co-writer of the hits of this group, the most successful in Spain in this century, Montero (Irún, 1976) began her solo career with a self-titled album released in 2008, which was followed by “Amaia Montero 2” (2011), “If God wants me too” (2014) and “Born to believe” (2018).

Below is the image that sparked controversy on social media.


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