Amaia Montero looks sad in a photo that she uploaded to her social networks

Amaia Montero He has missed his fans after he posted a couple of identical photos on his Instagram account in which he appears disheveled, with a serious and sad face and with a message that alerted his followers to the singer’s state of mind.

The phrase, as surprising as it is enigmatic, could reflect Amaia’s point of view: “If hope is the last thing to die and I haven’t lost it yet, what use is life to me?” However, at the time of publication, this shim has been removed from the original post.

Amaia fans, worried

The publication comes a week after the former vocalist of Van Gogh’s ear announced with a video that her new album would soon be released; Last August 26 was her birthday, and although she was “disappeared”, her recent return to the networks to give a little taste of her new music had her fans very excited, who now did not hesitate to leave her messages of empathy and also of concern. .

“Amaia, it hurts me to read that you are destroyed. Your voice and music have accompanied me in those moments where I have been and no one else was. I wish I could help in some way,” said one fan.

“Either they hacked the account or someone who can should go and hug her, come on, there are many hearts and none who dare to go home is now, I live in Buenos Aires, I can’t,” said another Internet user.

“I don’t understand what is happening, she has already published the photo 2 times, someone from her close circle should call her, I hope and wish she is well,” said a third follower.

Amaia posted the audio of the song “La boca del lobo”, released in 2018, did not accompany the content with any message, but her fans took the opportunity to bombard her with messages of encouragement.

“What lyrics… Very autobiographical. If you are pushed into the void, you learn to glide. I think it applies a lot to this moment, beautiful. I send you a lot of strength and love. Thank you for lifting me up in my worst moments! Now it’s our turn with you … ”, wrote a follower.

This is not the first time that the interpreter has released comments about her true state of physical and mental health, in 2020 she was absent from the networks for a while because she said she did not feel well at all.

He then confessed that he could no longer deal with the pressure or the comments from both users and some media; her criticism of her weight changes, comparisons to other artists and comments about her performances had her exhausted.

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