Abstinence would also be one of the causes of the separation of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen

Madrid Spain.

New hypotheses come to light about the break between the Brazilian Gisele Bundchen and the Tampa Bay quarterback Buccaneers, Tom Brady, because not only the absence of the athlete during the more than 20 years that his career has lasted have ended up affecting his life as a couple, as some reports state that abstinence has been another of the factors that caused the separation.

Given the versions that both have sought legal advice to end your marriageunofficial information has been uncovered over the days, where Bündchen’s discomfort with Brady It not only refers to the fact that he has decided to return to NFL 40 days after disclosure his retirement.

According to information from OnlineRadarthere is a ritual before the games that has been dedicated to following the letter seven times super bowl winner and it’s about no sexual intercourse 24 hours prior to an NFL match and when they are among the most important, it has reached remain abstinent for up to 72 hours, which has been harshly criticized by his still wife.

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The marriage turned cold as ice. Gisele is a Brazilian supermodel with super sexual desires. She told her friends that she needs more from her man”, was part of what the aforementioned medium published, which has gone around the world questioning a possible rapprochement between the couple that in recent days has taken all the reflectors.

On the other hand, a person close to Brady and Giselle confessed to Us Weekly that some of his closest friends have also expressed their discomfort to the quarterback that in the current season of the NFL He has three wins and two losses.

“They are disappointed. They (friends of the couple) hate that Tom have succumbed to Gisele. This has really been the first big problem they’ve had in their marriage. Friends hope they haven’t passed the point of no return.”

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