5 PHOTOS of Belinda that show why she is the ‘Queen of Moorings’ and CONQUERS hearts

breaking thousands of hearts Y conquering others more, Belinda She continues to break it with her great talent and beauty, because despite the adversities that the green-eyed woman has experienced, the singer has known how to move forward. In recent days the singer has been part of several Internet conversations after naming the Queen of the Mooringsa title that fell like a glove.

The following Photos show because this title suits him very well, since the beauty he possesses Belinda It is unique, the same one that has been used for to conquer thousands of hearts, not only from her ex-boyfriends, but also from her fans. Well, no matter what the singer wears, she always looks spectacular; As is the case with the photo in which she can be seen completely bald, this new look is part of her new theme “I would love to”.

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