Dodgers manager ruled out Julio Urías and may not pitch again against Padres in Playoffs


Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts ruled out Julio Urías for Game 4 vs. San Diego Padres and may not pitch again in the 2022 MLB Playoffs Division Series.

Julio Urias, Will Smith and Dave Roberts
© Maxx Wolfson/Getty ImagesJulio Urias, Will Smith and Dave Roberts

The changes are coming for the third game of the Divisional Series of the MLB Playoffs 2022. Los Angeles Dodgers suffered the first loss in postseason history against San Diego Padres after falling 3-5 on October 12 and with the National League Division Series tied 1-1, Dave Roberts ruled out Julius Uriah to be the starting pitcher in game four.

After confirming the pitcher for Game 3, Friday, October 14, 2022 at 8:37 p.m. ET, who will have much of the task of not being one loss from elimination, Roberts announced lineup changes on the eve of to achieve a triumph that puts them within a victory of the National League Championship Series.

For Game 3 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres of the 2022 MLB Playoffs, the Californian team will have a romp in its lineup: Austin Barnes will be the catcher, Will Smith will play designated hitter, Max Muncy will move to second base, Chris Taylor will be in left field and Trayce Thompson moves to central Garden. Dave Roberts knows that if they lose Friday at Petco Park they are one loss away from elimination in the postseason.

Though Julius Uriah Had he arrived on three days’ rest after throwing 79 pitches in five innings of the first game between the Dodgers and Padres, facing a scenario in which he could be eliminated in Game 4 if it comes after a loss in Game 3, he would not have nothing better than having your best pitcher, but… The manager of the Los Angeles team ruled out the Mexican pitcher for the fourth duel against San Diego and Urías could be left without pitching again against San Diego in the 2022 MLB Playoffs.

Dodgers manager ruled out Urías and he might not pitch again vs. Padres in Playoffs 2022

Dave Roberts announced that Tyler Anderson will be the Los Angeles Dodgers’ starting pitcher for Game 4 (Saturday, October 15 at 9:37 p.m. ET) against the San Diego Padres. The left-handed pitcher for the Californian team had 15 wins, 5 losses and a 2.57 earned run percentage in 30 games (28 starts) in the 2022 MLB. The duel on the mound will be against Joe Musgrove.

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