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Who is the father of Michelle Renaud’s child?

He is a musician and businessman with whom Michelle Renaud was married between 2016 and 2018.

As he commented in a conversation with Aislinn Derbez on the podcast ‘The Magic of Chaos’, they deliberately became parents:

“It didn’t ‘spark’ me (it was a mistake). I mean, I said ‘I want’, we went to doctors… I looked for my baby”.

In January 2022, the former couple publicly clashed in a series of dimes and diretes that began with a series of publications in which Josué Alvarado expressed missing his son.

Michelle Renaud spoke about her divorce

In the aforementioned conversation, the interpreter began by stating that her legal separation was “the best thing that ever happened to her.”

Among other things, he explained why:

“It was a relationship that never worked (…) it was always a very difficult relationship, where I had a very bad time and I said ‘I love him’ because when we ended, we ended like every week, I suffered a lot.

“My relationship was based on pain, not love, not communication, not growth.”

It was not until Michelle Renaud became a mother that she decided to divorce her former partner.

“What made me get divorced was Marcelo, who I thought loved his father and when I met Marcelo and saw what love was, I said ‘this (his son) is love, this (his marriage) is anxiety, toxicity’ ”.

Michelle Renaud confessed that the father of her child is not what she would like

Additionally, Matías Novoa’s current girlfriend also stated that her ex:

“He is not the father that I would like him to be (with his son).”

However, he explained that “this is my problem” and that:

“(He) is perfect for what I don’t know what Marcelo is going to experience, but life is preparing him.”

Similarly, he clarified that he has had to get used to the idea that his son’s father:

“He does not come to meet my expectations, he does not come to do what Michelle wants, he comes to be the father he is.”

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