KeyZell develops the first precision medicine system to fight breast and lung cancer

The startup biotech company KeyZell reported that it has developed the world’s first oncology precision medicine system that selects “the best personalized treatment for each type of patient”.

As he explained, OPS (Oncology Precision System) is a artificial intelligence solution that determines the best combination of therapies against breast and lung cancer through a machine learning system. This tool makes it easier for oncologists to select the most appropriate treatment for each patient, taking into account their individual genetic characteristics.

The company assures that KeyZell OPS, with 89% efficiency, “is the the only precision medicine system for oncology use focused on treatment and patient care. In addition, it identifies patterns and makes predictions considering up to 112 biomarkers, helping to predict the best personalized treatment that guarantees the highest 5-year survival rate.”

For its selection, the tool takes into account variables such as clinical analysis data, the patient’s DNA molecular profile, the IHC (immuno-histochemical) profile, effectiveness, toxicity, etc.

Often applied the same treatment for patients with the same type of cancer, however, there are groups of patients that respond in a markedly different way. For this reason, the startup intends to continue developing this pioneering system worldwide and lead the biomedical revolution in precision medicine with KeyZell OPS.

Iván Románico, head of oncology at Hospital Ángeles Puebla, stated that “we are witnessing the future of precision medicine with great enthusiasm and responsibility. Thanks to this type of tool, oncologists offer patients a more effective solution tailored to their individual characteristics, which undoubtedly has an impact on their quality of life”.

“We want KeyZell OPS to be the benchmark personalized cancer treatment service in the field of precision medicine. With this tool, our goal is to reverse the mortality figures for this disease and make them more hopeful year after year,” says José de Corral, CEO of KeyZell.

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