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It is going well. Is she going to be late? Of course, almost six months passed without a higher level of competition. Will it cost you? Of course, he has the handicap of having gone to a minor league for money and is now forced to tune up, at 31, in the hard pace of European football. But the sensations are good and the recovery, more than a desire, is a challenge for James Rodríguez.

The weekend was key in the 1-2 victory against OFI Crete, entering the second stage when the game was lost and being the protagonist for better and for worse: he assisted the first goal but missed a penalty.

The precision of the pass and the vision of the field seem intact, because that is how he managed to locate Garry Mendes Rodrigues, at 58 minutes, to leave him hand in hand with the goalkeeper; This is how the scorer understood it, who immediately ran to hug him.

This is what has made the newspaper Gazzeta de Grecia dedicate its space to the Colombian, whose personality stands out to recover from the adverse moment that meant missing the penalty (he announced it a lot, although the rival goalkeeper also showed off), and his ability to not lose focus and get your team out of the confusion.

“The example of James Rodríguez shows the way. He missed the penalty but was not discouraged. He took care of it, made an excellent assist and showed that he will give Olympiacos a lot, even if he is not 100 percent yet, ”said the newspaper.

Yes, everyone saw that physically he still lacks and needs to reach the level of his teammates, but they know that with time and the Colombian’s dedication that task should be completed soon.

“Missing a penalty is part of football. You try and fail. The greatest players have also missed penalties and nothing happens, ”James had claimed after his miss. Then he continued to shine. That is the way to return to his football.

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