Chivas told me it didn’t fit: Chofis LópezMediotiempo

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Javier Eduardo Lopez, “Chofis”prepares for the quarterfinal match between Pachuca and Tigres without forgetting how he was disdained by Chivasa club to which he returned in the middle of the year after ending his contractual relationship with the San José Earthquakes.

Although he has not recovered the prominence that he once had in the Flock, the midfielder enjoys his days in Tuzosa club that opened the possibility for him after they told him that “I didn’t fit in” with the rojiblanco team, which, despite everything, “would love to come back”.

“I had an intention, I had a rematch because it was not a question of money, as they say, that I did not want to renew; question of money was not. If so, I had offers in China and I did not want to accept them“.

“I wanted to be here, in Mexico. I come more mature and I wanted a new challenge, but they told me that I did not fit in the team, that the team was already complete,” López revealed to FOX Sports Radio.

“I told them: So help me out, even if it’s on loan. If they don’t love me, then let it be for the good of both”.

In the current semester he has played 266 minutes spread over 9 games, of which only one was played as a starter.

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