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The guardianship filed by Rafael Santos Borré and his wife Ana Caicedo against journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez was not the happy ending of the case.

Despite the fact that the Superior Court of Bogotá ordered the journalist to retract some opinions expressed about the Borré couple, on July 29, Carlos Antonio assured that he challenged the decision and awaits a response on the ruling that is issued in the coming days. .

That is what is already known, but many have wondered: What did Carlos Antonio Vélez say, which caused the lawsuit by Borré and his wife?

The portal ‘Clear Mark’ published the audio of which, they say, has to do with the whole mess of Vélez and Borré.

In the recording it is heard that: “The ladies of the players made a pineapple, it seems that Armani and Borré and another to look for a representative among them and they were getting rid of the commitments that their husbands had, that cost Borré a silver (…) and almost a lawsuit” (sic).

Vélez was referring to Ana Caicedo and Daniela Rendón, Franco Armani’s wife, whom he pointed out to be the promoters of getting new representatives for some players of the Colombian National Team and that for that reason they owed money to the previous agents.

“In soccer, when the father or the woman put their hand in, everything rots (…) Casierra has the same problem as Borré, and that is that they left contracts with their previous representatives,” says Vélez in the audio.

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