Soccer Picante, from sports reference to total circus

Spicy Soccer was born  in 2004 as a television program that prioritized sports analysis.  Today all of that has been left behind.  (Photo: AP Photo/Claudio Cruz)

Futbol Picante was born in 2004 as a television program that prioritized sports analysis. Today, all that has been left behind. (Photo: AP Photo/Claudio Cruz)

The times when Spicy Soccer they were a sports source of credibility have been left behind. One of the sports programs with largest audience on pay television he hit rock bottom with the last of his shows. This time it was none other than Álvaro Morales the one who put on the show. The presenter put together a circus and took away I get the ESPN’s reputation.

It all started when the Chivas del Guadalajara fell in the playoff of the Apertura 2022 tournament before him Club Puebla by way of penalties. The herd could not get your pass to the quarterfinals in the league and at that moment any type of comment was detonated. The rojiblanco team will have to pack their bags and be aware, because until 2023 will be when the next championship begins.

Knowing the result where Los Camoteros prevailed over Chiverío, Álvaro Morales did not hesitate to make fun of the team and one of his faithful followers, Jorge Pietrasanta. Both communicators shared the spicy soccer table and it was there that the function began. Morales, one of Chivas’ best-known detractors, he climbed on the panel table and began to taunt his partner with shouts of derision: “Chivas eliminated. How wonderful it is to do television”, said the commentator.

Jose Ramon Fernandezone of the more journalists veterans of sports journalism, he did not even want to comment, but made it clear that the presence of the television troublemaker is not his responsibility. On Twitter, a user questioned the panelist as well, why they had characters of that size in the so-called World Leader in Sportsto which Fernández could only reply: “No comment… These decisions are not up to me”.

In addition, the situation generated different opinions on social networks. For some, the sports channel left journalistic rigor aside: “Some time ago the dream of many was to work for ESPN, now I don’t think so. Currently, for good, many other media and platforms have emerged to carry out journalism. Such attitudes are not worthy of the ‘world leader in sports’. go circus are loaded”.

And for others, the show must go on and as they say out there, the sun rises for everyone: “Honestly to me this doesn’t bother melike others. The people who watch that program do so largely because of the show that Álvaro puts on. In these times, there is a lot of variety, including other options that are much more educational and analytical. A matter of seeing those and that’s it ”, both opinions were read on Twitter.

It’s not the first time Picante Soccer does its thing. On different occasions it has generated controversy due to its content. One of the most remembered was when David Fatelson assured that Michael Herrera asked to leave Ricardo Pelaez when both shared direction in the Águilas del América, to which Peláez replied: “You are a stupid”. Also, in 2016, José Ramón sent to hell the same Alvaro Morales for a criticism of Chivas.

Thus, there are countless situations in which Futbol Picante has been left in the middle of the thick thanks to the exhibition they put on. Although television is also a show, a certain sector would expect it to talk more about soccer and stop prioritizing things outside the field of play. In the end, there is content for all tastes and it will be the task of each one to see what pleases him the most.

You have to remember that Soccer Picante was born in 2004 from the hand of Heriberto Murrieta, as well as Carlos Hermosillo and Carlos Reinoso as sports analysts. Three years after its launch, José Ramón Fernández, David Faitelson, Rafael Puente, Carlos Albert and Héctor Huerta They arrived to reinforce the discussion table that prioritized the analysis of the Liga MX games. Today that has changed, even if you have to sacrificing the reputation of a show that everyone talks about, but not for bragging rights anymore.


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