Report warns that cleaning in Chivas will touch the ten players in the Clausura 2023 transfer market

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A press report from the Akron Stadium warned that after the departure of Ricardo Peláez from the Chivas de Guadalajara sports management, a “clean“on the payroll of the first team and would reach almost a dozen players.

Hiram Mier, Jesús Molina, Eduardo Torres and Antonio Briseño would be part of the casualties for Clausura 2023
© IMAGO7Hiram Mier, Jesús Molina, Eduardo Torres and Antonio Briseño would be part of the casualties for Clausura 2023

A press report from the vicinity of the Akron Stadium warned this Tuesday that after the concrete departure of Ricardo Peláez from the sports management of Chivas de Guadalajara will now generate a “clean“on the payroll of the first team and that would reach almost a dozen players who will leave the team in the transfer market for the Liga MX Closing Tournament 2023.

The first team of the Sacred Flock broke ranks on Monday, October 10, at the facilities of the sports city of Verde Valleto comply with three weeks of vacation before reporting back on Monday, October 31 to undergo the rigorous medical and physical evaluations, to start a preseason that will take the people of Guadalajara on a two-game tour of Spain, to be held on December 9 and 11.

Chivas said goodbye on Sunday afternoon after falling in another emotional penalty shootout 5-4 (1-1) against Puebla at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium for the reclassification to the 2022 Apertura Playoffs, to close his participation with a streak of four starts without being able to win after successive defeats against Tigres (1-4), América (2-1) and Cruz Azul (2-1) to which was added to the elimination in the playoff against La Franja and that emulated the outcome of their duel in the Apertura 2021 on that same stage and instance.

The report by the journalist José María Garrido who broke into Tuesday’s episode of the Marca Claro program on MVS Radio anticipated the departure of the sports director and pointed out that “everything is part of the structure: making the decision, what we already discussed, whether or not Ricardo Peláez will continue is the cornerstone of this entire project. If Peláez does not continue, we will have to see what the perspective is and what is the opinion also of the team president: Amaury Vergara, on the work of Ricardo Cadena, which has not been entirely regular“So his analysis also warns of the next end of the coach’s cycle on the rojiblanco bench.

Peláez said goodbye this Tuesday at the Akron Stadium (Chivas TV)

Garrido, after his correct report on the departure of the sports director, continued and alerted the squad, after pointing out that “As for the group of players, the perspective remains the same: the intention is to get rid of those players with high contracts and whose participation is currently low or null. Of those players there is a good number and with their own names. the case of Antonio Briseño, Hiram Mier, Jesús Molina, Ángel Zaldívar, Miguel Ponce and a list of players who have a significant salary at the club, but who today have ceased to be starters and not even some are taken into account for going even to the bank“. These five could be accompanied by Jesús Sánchez, while others like Paolo Yrizar end their assignment and the purchase option will not be exercised, otherwise Ronaldo Cisneros, who would remain in Atlanta permanently. Alan Eduardo Torres, for his part, is wanted by Víctor Manuel Vucetich in Monterrey. There could be up to nine casualties in total.

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