Mexico and the absurd initial list of 55 players that it will present for Qatar 2022

Mexico facing Perú  in a friendly match last month.  (ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Mexico facing Peru in a friendly match last month. (ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

There is little more than a month left for Mexico to make its debut at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. There are still some doubts about certain names on the squad list. As for the starting lineup, there are also questions in some sectors of the field (for example, the midfield and the starting striker). However, the statements of louis yonpresident of the Mexican Federation, are surprising, since he has said that for the first list of summoned he will give a total of 55 names.

“The first universe will be 55 players, it’s very important, because after this list, There is no way to include anyone else, any change must be in this list of 55, it will be an important moment on the way to Qatar,” the manager said at a press conference. That initial list will be released on Friday. From that moment on, it is true, it will be known who will not go to the World Cup, but there will still be big questions in the public opinion and a lot of uncertainty in the players.

In that list two complete campuses can be formed, since the final list will have 26 names. The times of massive casualties due to covid-19 are behind us, and in fact FIFA has added three more places to the 23 that were always allowed. Las it has been inherited from that time when a staff could experience contagion at close range and be left unprotected. In some competitions, the use of up to 40 players was enabled in the registered lists. It was the case of the Copa Libertadores in August 2020, at which time the sport was still walking blind.

In these circumstances it becomes absurd that such a large number of players is contemplated, especially when the doubts, in quantity, are minimal. Martino’s base has been very clear since the process began and some constant names in recent times, such as Luis Chávez and Santiago Giménez, do not represent a novelty either.

For example, in Brazil 2014 Miguel Herrera announced the list with 23 members. He left out some elements that had remained in the fight until the final moment, such as Juan Carlos Mole Valenzuela, Jesús Molina and Moisés Muñoz, but he never put them on a “pre-list”. I mean, it’s not like their names were cut, they just weren’t included in the final call.

In general, the numerical norm had been 26 summoned in the previous weeks. These were the cases in 2006 and 2010. Ricardo Antonio La Volpe cut at the last minute Joel Huiqui, Israel Lopez and Jaime Lozano. For his part, Javier Aguirre left South Africa out of Adrian Aldrete, Jonathan Dos Santos and Juan Carlos Valenzuela.

Javier Aguirre cutó  three players in the days leading up to South Africa 2010. (GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP via Getty Images)

Javier Aguirre cut three players in the days leading up to South Africa 2010. (GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP via Getty Images)

In the previous process, Juan Carlos Osorio presented a preliminary list of 28 players three months before the World Cup. Before the trip, he took off the payroll Jürgen Damm, Jesús Molina and Osvaldo Alanís. Already in Europe, on the eve of the debut against Germany, he cut Erick Gutiérrez. Osorio had a predilection for testing many players, but even the “high” number of contemplated from him (28) falls short with the 55 places that will be presented this Friday. There will be many players who have false expectations and, on the other hand, Martino will add media pressure when it is known who No They will be on the final list.

On the other hand, De Luisa spoke about the state of health of Raúl Jiménez, whom he said will not be forced to reach the World Cup if he is not 100%.“Raúl is in Mexico, the diagnosis is pubalgia. He will be working in Mexico for 15 days and then he will have another check-up with the doctors. Here is a triangle of doctors from the National Team, Wolves and Los Angeles, there we will have a more accurate diagnosis “. Regarding Jesús Corona, he is still in his rehabilitation process and every week there is communication between the doctors of El Tri and those of Sevilla.


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