Former representative Luis Vega Ramos is appointed general secretary of the PPD

The president of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Joseph Louis Dalmauannounced this Tuesday that the former representative Luis Vega Ramos will be the new secretary general of the community Y Nina Valedon will serve as Deputy Secretary General.

“I summoned you this afternoon to announce the appointment of Mr. Luis Vega Ramos as general secretary of the PPD and in the same way to announce comrade Nina Valedón as undersecretary of the Popular Party”Dalmau said at a press conference at the Pava headquarters in Puerta de Tierra.

The new day He had advanced the information that Dalmau had approached Vega Ramos and Walter Torres, former mayor of Peñuelas, to occupy the PPD secretariat.

Dalmau described Vega Ramos as a “great inspector, knowledgeable about party structures and leader of the PPD.”

With the announcement, Dalmau filled the PPD secretariat that became vacant last week after the sudden resignation of representative Ramón Luis Cruz Burgos, which generated suspicion in the ranks of La Pava, particularly because there is a general election next February to choose the new leadership. , including the Governing Board.

In his first expressions, Vega Ramos said that he will focus on three areas: organization, control and unity.

“That is what we are going to give our party and our president from these positions that we assume,” said the former representative who is a member of the PPD Governing Board and in the 2020 elections he did not prevail in his intention to reach the Senate .

The electoral commissioner of the PPD, Ramón Torres, was present at the press conference; the alternate electoral commissioner, Jorge Colberg Toro and Ferdinand Mercado, who advises Dalmau.

Vega Ramos said that his priority will be to guide so that “the country understands that the alternative for real good governance is the Popular Democratic Party, that the only party that can defeat, in the face of the next elections, the bad government that we have is the Popular Democratic Party and its men and women”.

“And for that process we are going to continue in the reorganization. We are going to assist our president and the Governing Board in this process,” said Vega Ramos.

Senate Contractor, Advisor to the President, and Secretary of the PPD

Questioned by this means if he would keep Vega Ramos as his adviser in the Senate through a contract, the also president of the Senate answered in the affirmative.

“Yes, right now he (Vega Ramos) is a contractor in the Senate. Any consideration about his work here (in the PPD), we will be evaluating it after the Governing Board next Friday, ”he said.

Asked if keeping the PPD secretary under contract did not raise questions because he responds to him, Dalmau said “it is a contract, he is not a permanent employee.”

“And when he evaluates the time, he is in part-time, I don’t see any type of setback for him to be able to continue with his work,” said the PPD president.

According to the contract registry of the Office of the Comptroller, Ramos Vega obtained a contract from March 19 to June 30, 2021 for the amount of $33,000 at a rate of $100 per hour for 55 hours per month. It was then renewed from July 16 to December 31, 2021. He then obtained another contract renewal from January 1 to June 30, 2022. With the renewal he was awarded an additional $10,000 for “travel expenses in the amount of $10,000 for the term of the contract. The most recent and current contract of Vega Ramos is not registered in the Comptroller’s Office despite the fact that it is valid, according to what they said at the press conference.

Valedón had contracts with the Senate between 2017 and 2019, according to the Comptroller’s registry. Currently, she is an employee of the Senate, confirmed Valedón.

“As a result of the appointment, there are some revisions that we are going to make so that this matter (his employment in the Senate) is worked in accordance with applicable law, ethics and good customs,” said Valedón, who in 2020 aspired in primaries to be the candidate for senator for the district of Humacao.

To questions from this newspaper, he assured that he will not aspire to an elective position in the 2024 elections.

Ordinarily, and with the decrease in income of the political parties, the communities do not pay salaries to the secretaries and sub-secretaries. Therefore, within the PPD, the appointments announced by Dalmau did not go well because they respond to him, they are not new figures in politics and they have political interests, sources said.

The Board of Governors has been convened for this Friday.

Dalmau took advantage of the press conference to also announce that he instructed Vega Ramos to convene the PPD Governing Board for this Friday. The conclave will be at 10:00 am,

“On the agenda we have the discussion of the concept that was worked on in the face of the (new) regulations of the community,” Dalmau announced.

In addition, the governing body of the PPD must ratify the appointments of Vega Ramos and Valedón.

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