who is the Guatemalan who stabbed eight people in front of a casino in Las Vegas

Yoni Barrios is a 32-year-old Guatemalan man who was arrested for allegedly stabbing eight people in front of a casino in Las Vegas on the afternoon of Thursday, October 6, reported the Metropolitan Police Department of that American city, which also reported two people dead.

“On October 6, at approximately 11:42 a.m., the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police received a report of multiple stabbing victims in front of the casino located on 3100th Street, in South Las Vegas,” the report indicates.

In addition, he points out that Barrios He faces two counts of murder and six counts of attempted murder. with a white weapon.

The deceased were identified as Maris Mareen DiGiovanni, 30, and Brent Allan Hallett, 47Las Vegas residents.

Six other people are hospitalized. and, according to the television network KNTV, three remain in critical condition.

According to the evidence collected by the Police, Barrios “would have acted alone” in the attack and they pointed out that the weapon he used it was a long bladed knifewhich was recovered at the crime scene.

The Police stated that they hoped that this October 7 Barrios made his first court appearance.


According to the police department’s arrest report, Yoni Barrios had arrived in Las Vegas two days earlier from Californiaas he intended to move in with a friend.

However, said partner told him that he could not stay at his home. This caused Barrios Pack your things and head to Vegas.

The report adds that Barrios told authorities that, during the bus ride, several people laughed at him, and that, in his words “they did not treat him like a human being”.

When he arrived in the city, the Guatemalan spoke with a concierge at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and had asked him about any job opportunities. The report from the authorities details that Barrios asked said concierge to contact the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) to be able to return to Guatemala.

It is also narrated that Yoni Barrios struck up a conversation with a Wynn security guard, and that he wanted to sell his knives to obtain money to return to the country. The guard, according to the report, told Barrios that “Better jump in front of a train”.


Having left the Hotel Wynn, Barrios told a group of four chorus girl impersonators that he was a cook.

Authorities say one of the women felt uncomfortable and began to back away. At that time Barrios he stabbed her when she was about to flee.

The woman testified to authorities that there was “felt pressure in the back and fell to the ground“. He also recounted how Barrios stabbed Digiovanni, one of the fatalities.

Barrios told police when he was arrested that the reason he committed the attack was because “he thought women laughed at him and made fun of him for his clothes“. She added that “he got angry and stabbed one of the women in the chest, and then he started attacking other people who were near him.”

The authorities detailed that, after assaulting the four women, Barrios escaped to the south, along a sidewalk on the west side of the Wynn hotel. In his escape attempt, he stabbed four other people who were in his way.

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