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For his record, value of the template, place in the table of the Opening 2022 and what was done at the close of the tournament, tigers Y Tolucaare on paper the favorites to advance beyond the Repechagehaving as rivals Necaxa Y Juarez Braves.

However, there is another stat that incredibly places other teams as favorites that was not expected; while in the case of Blue Cross vs. Leon and Puebla vs. Chivasthe situation is more equal.

Tigers vs. Necaxa, felines are not so favorite

The cats they have seven league titles, in that category they are above the Hydrorays that they have three; In the value of the squad, Tigres is much higher, it is the second most expensive with 66.3 million euros, while Necaxa is in 16th place at 28.5 million euros.

In addition, in the place of the table, those from UANL were in fifth place with 30 units and their rival barely reached 12th place with 19 points; even, on Matchday 17, they were still close to being left without reclassification, since the Aguascalientes team had a terrible closing with five games without winning.

What would make Necaxa a favorite over Tigres is the background statistics, because in league matches, favors the rojiblancos with 23 wins for 17 losses, the other 24 games ended in a tie; In addition, in the Liguilla they have not lost to the university students, they have won and tied in the Quarterfinals of the 1995-1996 Season.

In addition, although Jimmy Lozano has less experience than Miguel Herrera on the bench, Piojo has the bad streak of not beating Necaxa since 2009.

Toluca vs. Juárez, Bravos is the surprise in the background

In terms of title there is no comparison, Toluca has 10 and Bravos is just looking to consolidate in the First Division; in the value of the squad they are not so far from each other, Diablos is ninth with 43.6 million euros and Juárez is in 12th place with 32.4 million euros.

During the tournament, the Mexicans got 27 points for sixth place, their rival had 19 to be in 11th place; both added six points in the last five games of the tournament.

The surprise is that Bravos is better in their clashes, since they have met six times in the League and Juárez has only lost one, tied another and won four. In Liguilla there are no duels, because Bravos hardly reaches this stage.

Cruz Azul vs León, a very even series

Although the cementeros is one of the so-called great teams, in terms of titles they are very even, the Machine with nine and the emeralds with eight; while in value, Cruz Azul is sixth with 51.7 million euros and León tenth with 41.1 million euros; in the regular tournament they were also very even, with 24 and 22 points, respectively, ranking seventh and tenth.

In League duels, León has been better with 35 wins, 26 losses and 29 draws; in Liguilla they are equal, with four wins for each and five draws.

Puebla vs. Chivas, without much difference

Chivas is also one of the so-called big ones, but it does not have as much advantage over Puebla in terms of background and in what has been done in the current tournament, since in the League there are 41 wins for the Tapatíos for 37 losses and 43 draws, and in Liguilla 7 are the winners by Jaliscienses, 3 lost and 3 matched. In Clausura 2022, the two made 22 units, but La Franja was ahead by goals in favor.

In titles, the advantage is notorious, Guadalajara has 12 and the sweet potato growers just 2. Those of the herd are the fifth most expensive squad at 60.2 million euros, while La Franja is on the 11th step with 32.9 million euros.

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