Get to know the resort where Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar got married

Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar got married this Saturday, October 8.

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The actress Maite Perroni and television producer Andrés Tovar were married this Saturday, October 8 at El Santuario Resort in Valle Bravo, Mexico.

the same actress was responsible for confirming the wedding news on their own social networks by sharing a photo of both, in that same publication he wrote: “Taking the first steps of the life that we want to build together… surrounded by our family and the hand of God, today we receive a blessing. Happy to be able to take steps that strengthen our path through this plane in which we managed to coincide and fate gave us”.

Perroni and Tovar chose El Santuario Resort as the setting for their weddinga dream space that was designed with nature in mind at all times, to enhance the qualities of the land.

Also, this resort has an interesting history since its beginning. Its creator, the architect Michel Domit, received a proposal in 1989: they wanted to sell him the land where El Santuario is now located. The idea was that he and his Grupo Domit will develop a projectbut the company was in a very bad moment and initially refused to buy it.

After rejecting this proposal, Domit lived a great moment. One night, meditating, he felt the presence of his father, who had died when he was just 12 years old. At that time he understood that his mission in life “was to create spaces of harmony and coexistence between human beings and nature.”

That is how he began to create El Santuario, one that he shares with many more people who can not only go to spend a vacation and quiet time, but, like Perroni, can celebrate any type of event.

The resort stands out for its extensive green areas, resort, swimming pool, views from anywhere in the place, including a lake.

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