Carlos Vidal, ex-partner of Gisela Valcárcel, attacks Magaly Medina: I can sue her and have her visa taken away | entertainment | celebrity | SHOWS

Gisela Valcárcel’s ex-partner, Carlos Vidal speaks from the United States and revealed that he would be thinking of suing Magaly Medina for calling him ‘portfolio carrier’ and ‘suck’.

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“I live in the United States and I can also sue her here because they see her for ‘Super Peru’ and she can get into trouble if I file a complaint because they are going to take away her visa, better calm down and touch my name Carlos Vidal as the Gisela’s ex or the one who made the book, normal… but the ‘portfolio carrier’”, voiced for Trome.

He then continued with: “I have no problem carrying my partner’s purse or driving the car as I did at that time with great affection, but I know what he means, that he was the ‘chupe’, that bothers me, many years have passed He doesn’t think about my mother who is old, about my family, about Gisela’s family. Don’t let me get involved in her mess because the problem here is between Gisela and Magaly, not the book”.

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The host of “El Gran Show”, Gisela Valcárcel, avoided responding to Magaly Medina and stated this Saturday that her program was not made to “answer personal issues.”

During the second gala of the dance reality show, the blonde pointed out that her program is to entertain the public, although she acknowledged that if she had to give her message from last week “I would do it again.”

“I want to tell you that life is one, that this program was made to enjoy it, this program was made to unite, this program was not made to discuss personal issues. This track is a track that I respect and that I ask everyone to respect”said the ‘Señito’ in his speech.

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“We have referred to what we had to refer to, I would do it again 100 times more because when you have to put the body you have to put it, but that does not mean that this program is there to put the body, this program is for you, your children, her family, her husband, everyone have a good time”he added.

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