His neighbor left him an unusual note for how he dresses when he takes out the garbage and doubled the bet

Social networks are full of viral stories that perhaps no one imagines living, especially when it comes to confrontations due to differences of ideas. The United States, for example, is a multidiverse country, so each group has to learn to live with unknown cultures and also to accept their beliefs. Emily, a young American, experienced a conflict after her neighbors did not tolerate her way of dressing. She responded in a way that went viral.

Apparently, her neighbor didn’t like that her husband kept watch by the door when emily went to take out the garbage wearing shorts, so he decided to send her an “anonymous” note asking her to change that custom. “Hello, my husband can see you on our camera. Please put your pants on when you take out the garbage, ”said the note with the sender“ your neighbor ”, according to the video that the young woman posted on her account @ emilyk8zz.

This was the note that his neighbors left him for his clothing

The clip has no more context, just a snippet in which Emily is shown with her face covered as if in embarrassment and then shows what the controversial note says. At first there was no outcome, so the users of the social network immediately began to give advice, opinions and even simple comments of anger for what they asked.

First gave her ideas on how she could talk to her neighbor: “Answer him: ‘Thanks, but I’m fine. She talks to your husband, not me ‘”,“ Tell them to turn off the camera ”,“ You have to ignore that request ”, was what they wrote to him in the comments section.

and others just they made fun of the situationas they wondered if the same thing happened to them at home, too: “That makes me wonder who can see me from my backyard,” “Husband probably doesn’t mind, I bet,” “Husband doesn’t mind, but got in trouble with the wife”, “I would love to hear the conversation that led to the note”, the virtual community told him.

At first, everyone believed that Emily would accept the request of the members of her neighborhoodsince in the initial recording that she shared she looked quite embarrassed and nervous, but they did not expect that in reality she would not care what those people said.

The answer to the request of his neighbors about his clothes

In a second video, he responded to the comment of a user who told him to be kind and to put on pants, as the woman who lives in the same group asked, but the tiktoker was challenging and illustrated that answer with a video where she is seen carrying a garbage bag while wearing shorts and a giant sweatshirt that doesn’t cover much of the rest of her legs.

She was comfortable with her look, so he let his followers know that he would not change anything in his way of dressing. In addition, she implied that once they made that request, she wore the outfit they complained about more times: “I’ve been wearing this sweatshirt for three days straight now,” she closed.


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