The story behind the viral video of a young Puerto Rican and his first landing in Puerto Rico as an airline pilot

Pride, satisfaction and gratitude are the three words that go through the minds of rose gonzalez every time you remember the moment your son landed for the first time in his career as a commercial pilot on the tarmac of the Luis Munoz Marin airport.

Gabriel Romero Gonzalez32, landed last Monday on the Carolina track in a Boeing 737 of the airline American Airlines. There his mother was waiting for him with great emotion in the parking lot with a camera in hand. After publishing the emotional moment on his Facebook page, they did not wait for the signs of affection towards the young pilot and went viral with hundreds of ‘shares’ and tens of thousands of views.

“Captain Gabriel Romero you are always welcome to your island… Nice landing”, was part of the message shared by González along with the images.

The proud mother stressed that she shared her son’s story of perseverance, with the intention that other young people be motivated and see her son Gabriel as an example, acknowledging that the pilot career “is sacrificed, it requires a lot of passion, discipline and help because it is very expensive”.

“We are a working, middle-class family, but with a lot of sacrifice, with the help of my husband, my father and my brothers, we were able to get there,” said the teacher by profession in a telephone interview with The new day.

Romero González began his racing career at the age of 16. However, his dream began when he was two years old, when according to his mother, instead of playing with “cars”, he played with airplanes.

“Gabriel arriving in Puerto Rico was the culmination of a child’s dream of wanting to be a pilot specifically for the American Airlines line and that culmination of being able to reach his homeland for me was a very emotional and indescribable moment,” exclaimed González, who is a mother. of three children.

González explained that behind the moment in which his son landed on runway eight, at the Luis Muñoz Marín airport: “there is a lot of history.” “This day (referring to last Monday, October 3), made me relive in my mind that moment when I brought him to the Aeroparque as a child and he would stand on the railing where I was and he would tell me: ‘I’m going to come a day like this on a plane like that being me the pilot’”, he added.

For his part, in written statements, Romero González, who ended his career as a pilot in Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in the state of Florida, he specified that: “The goal is to inspire, since with so much negative news that is sometimes seen, one loses the desire to watch the news. I am really surprised by what happened and the magic of social networks.

Currently, Romero González works as a first officer at American Airlines and is based in the city of Miami, Florida.

Landing of the pilot Gabriel Romero González on runway eight of the Luis Muñoz Marín airport.
Landing of the pilot Gabriel Romero González on runway eight of the Luis Muñoz Marín airport. (Supplied)

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