Noelia wears a sexy black outfit that fits her figure

With slow movements, the flirtatious singer and influential businesswoman of digital platforms, managed to pamper her millions of followers on social networks again, thanks to the fact that Noelia shined in a flirty video wearing a fitted black ensemble to her figure.

Showing off her beautiful silhouette is not a problem at all for the beautiful celebrity of romantic music, it is something she has worked with for years and that, as you well know, being her admirer, she manages to show off without any problem, because she is aware of what that it provokes in others, especially in men.

Noelia’s video on Instagram has several likes, more than two thousand, she shared it for eleven hours, as for the comments at the moment we find 69.

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On this beautiful occasion, she decided to wear a fitted look as usual, only with the different detail of her footwear with which she appears, with a red detail on the sole and the strips that make it up, her skinny leggingsunsurprisingly stick to her legs and her back charms.

Precisely the leggings were the ones that attracted the most attention, due to the material with which they are made, it seems that it is skin, so with each movement of their legs they manage to mark each of the curves that the interpreter of “Yo No Failé” has “.

Another detail that this design has is that it reaches the height of its tiny waisthighlighting it as well as the top she wears, which by the way is long-sleeved and made of another material, it seems to be cotton, with a small piece of leather on the front to match her leggings.

Noelia is walking down a corridor with a flirtatious violet light, which makes her figure stand out as she walks, at one point in the video she stops and begins to stick to the wall to show off her flirtatious outfit even more, especially when she recharges and poses her charms on the wall.

This beauty always finds a way to attract the attention of her followers, especially when it comes to showing off her perfect silhouette.

Among the comments received Noelia In said publication, several emojis of hearts appear, which cannot be missing in their social networks; For more than 22 years of career, the singer has become the crush of millions, and she will surely continue to be for many more years.

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