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CoachHub, specialized in digital coaching, has shared a series of tips so that companies can assess the level of well-being of their employees and identify areas where it is necessary to implement assistance programs.

Well-being at work and emotional well-being are closely linked. Factors such as stress, insecurity, conflicts, expectations, lack of communication, etc., can negatively affect people and also affect the companies themselves, since it leads to problems such as high turnover rates, absenteeism and decrease in the productivity.

When choosing to work in a company, more and more people are prioritizing benefits in terms of well-being, beyond purely employment benefits. For their part, organizations should consider the well-being of their employees as an essential part of their business strategy.

Tips for Identifying Employee Wellness

Identifying the well-being of an employee is not easy, but there are key factors that it is advisable to take into account, especially by people with positions that involve management and direct management of teams.

  • Job satisfaction: This level of satisfaction is measured through the work environment, fairness, promotion opportunities and the responsibilities associated with employees.
  • Work commitment: commitment has a lot to do with high levels of creativity, good task performance, organizational level, and ultimately customer satisfaction.
  • Work stress: Here it is necessary to look at aspects such as job uncertainty, possible problems with colleagues and bosses, as well as excessive pressure to achieve high performance.
  • personal happiness: empathizing with workers, knowing and caring about their personal situation is important and improves professional relationships, as well as the work environment in general.

An important step in achieving employee well-being is to offer them a space where they can freely express themselves, including neutral support in overcoming any problems or obstacles. Coaching programs are very helpful in this regard. According to an internal CoachHub survey, employee wellness is among the top areas where coaching can offer effective solutions.

Benefits of wellness coaching

Coaching is based on a personalized and trusting relationship, where the coach presents himself as a neutral person who listens to employees and helps them manage their emotions and solve their problems through tools or techniques adapted to each need.

Coaching programs provide a safe space for employees to open up and feel relaxed. Coaching has been linked to a wide range of positive well-being outcomes at work, including resilience, stress management, empowerment, communication, family reconciliation and the enhancement of positive emotions. In recent years it has become a very powerful tool to help the employee find solutions and new ways of thinking. In addition, it creates a domino effect of well-being throughout the company.

“Each person faces unique challenges that require unique solutions. Through coaching we help companies to personalize the development plan of their employees, to ensure that the needs of each one of them are met, with the focus on achieving their well-being professional and personal. Investing in the well-being of employees is positive for them and also for the company, which will notice higher levels of commitment, productivity and growth” according to Alessandro Verrini, Vice President at CoachHub.

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