Tips for Obtaining United States Citizenship

If you are already in time to qualify for American citizenship and you still have certain doubts about the process, we offer you useful advice in this regard.Beforehand, you should know that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service has already issued almost 600,000 new applications for this purpose. This has led to more people benefiting from the naturalization process.

In this case, specifically, are immigrants who are in the age range between 30 and 44 years. History has shown that the request can even take years. Here we tell you how to make the process simpler and more agile.

Timely suggestions to fulfill your desire

Follow our suggestions to the letter and you can fulfill your desire to obtain US citizenship.

The first thing we advise you is to get specialized legal help. The cost of the process is high and the advice of an expert will be an ideal help to understand the procedures. Thus, it will reduce the risks of fraud and its management will be streamlined.

The fee to complete the naturalization forms is $700,00 USD. To this must be added expenses for medical examinations and other legal procedures. The total to pay is around $1,100.00 USD. Meanwhile, the costs of the permanent residence permit amount to $1,700.00 USD.

Avoid having legal problems, so the application process will not be hindered. In fact, one of the main requirements to obtain American citizenship is to demonstrate that you are a person attached to the laws of the country.

Likewise, you cannot represent a danger to society. Several crimes mean an automatic rejection in the citizenship petition.

We also advise you to study for the citizenship test. Fill out the forms correctly and read the small print well. Be prepared to correctly answer questions about the American political system.

Finally, save as much money as you can to face this and other expenses related to obtaining American citizenship. Sure, the price varies by state, but you have to be ready when the time comes.

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