Marco Barrera regrets facing Manny PacquiaoHalftime

Mark Anthony Barrerawho signed one of the most important trilogies in boxing, before Erik “Terrible” Moraleswith whom he now shares the broadcast One More Round (which you can follow in the Facebook of halftime), he said, in an interview with Oscar “Chololo” Larioswho preferred to face manny pacquiaoAbove him.

Regretful for his decision, because on that occasion he let himself be carried away by his patriotism and by the esteem he felt for the student of Jose “Chepo” ReynosoMarco acknowledged that he had even accepted the Philippinebecause he didn’t even know anything about him and thought he would be a handiest opponent.

“I’m not sorry, but I do suddenly say: ‘in the mother we’. When they tell me, ‘Barrera, you’re going to fight El Chololo Larios or Manny Pacquiao’; I didn’t know who Manny Pacquiao was, so I tell my promoters, they don’t know what, the net Chololo is my countrymanand I love him very much, we have met on two or three occasions, I love him too muchnot really, let’s go with Pacquiao, although I don’t know who it is.

“Fucking sorry, I would have better thrown myself a shot with youwhat a bitch gave me, but didn’t hit hardwhat deflated me was down, he hit me up, down, down, which was where he deflated me and I couldn’t do more”.

One More Round

And, in the same talk, Barrera recalled the origin of program name which he now performs in comparsa with The terrible.

“I could no longer (before Pacman), but he kept fighting like wey, from there The One More Round was bornalthough now I think that the best thing is to stop a fight”.

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