LIVE: The posts have prevented the goals in the Motagua-Olimpia match of the Concacaf League

Motagua and Olimpia are tied without goals in a brave game, with a lot of intensity, for the first leg of the Concacaf League semifinals, which is played at the Chelato Uclés National Stadium.

The last capital derby that was played in this international tournament was painted white, Olimpia eliminated Motagua in the quarterfinals of that edition, now fate faced them again two years later in the semifinals.

Before the end of the first half, Ciclón Azul was very close to taking the lead with a tremendous kick that Edrick Menjívar touched and the ball hit the vertical.

Olimpia also had a clear scoring chance in the 56th minute. A center by Michaell Chirinos was headed by Jerry Bengtson and the ball crashed on the horizontal.


MOTAGUA: 19. Jonathan Rougier, 12. Raúl Marcelo Santos, 2. Denil Maldonado, 3. Carlos Meléndez, 32. Jonathan Núñez (8. Walter Martínez, min.62), 18. Diego Rodríguez (10. Mauro Ortiz, min.62) , 23. Juan Ángel Delgado, 16. Héctor Castellanos, 17. Wesly Decas, 7. Ivan López (21. Roberto Moreira, min.78) and 9. Eddie Hernández (11. Ángel Tejeda, min.78).

Coach: Hernan Medina.

OLYMPIA: 1. Edrick Menjívar, 2. Maylor Núñez, 4. José García, 6. Brayan Beckeles, 31. Carlos Sánchez, 33. Michaell Chirinos, 14. Boniek García (23. Jorge Álvarez, min.63), 29. Germán Mejía, 21. José Mario Pinto (10. Yan Maciel, min.63), 13. Brayan Moya (12. Gabriel Araújo, min.88) and 27. Jerry Bengtson (9. Jorge Benguché, min.71).

Coach: Peter Troglio.

REFEREE: Mario Escobar (GUA).

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