Who was Leandro Norero, the “patron” accused of being one of the main drug traffickers in Ecuador who died in the last prison massacre in the country

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Norero walks handcuffed guarded by two Ecuadorian policemen.

image source, Ecuador Police


Leandro Norero was one of the most prominent criminals in Ecuador.

A prison in Ecuador was filled with blood again this Monday.

Clashes in the Latacunga prison, in the province of Cotopaxi, left at least 15 prisoners dead and dozens injured.

Among those killed in this new episode of violence in Ecuadorian prisons is Luis Antonio Norero Tigua, better known as Leandro Norero or “El Patron”, considered by the Ecuadorian media to be one of the main drug traffickers in the country.

Jorge Flores, deputy director of the National Comprehensive Care Service (SNAI), the body that deals with prisons in Ecuador, reported that Norero was one of the fatalities.

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