Students have insisted for more than a decade on studying Medicine in León

The social, institutional and university demand for the Faculty of Medicine has the support of the elderly, that of the students themselves, who year after year, opt for other studies because this degree is not taught in León or if they decide to study it, but in another city. Every September, the University of León prepares a report with the new students through the Evaluation and Quality Office. The presence of Medicine is constant since in this analysis the students are asked if they would have liked to study another career different from the one they are going to start and what it would be.

Medicine has been a desire of the Leonese academic institution for more than two decades. Some studies that would increase his prestige and that would complete the health branch that is in such demand today. In addition to the Nursing degree, which, due to the increase in applications and graduates, is taught on both campuses and plans to increase its number of places for the next academic year, León has Physiotherapy, the recently launched Podiatry and Veterinary Medicine, along with Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport. The Medicine degree has been widely demanded as a reinforcement for the biopharmaceutical pole of the province and would complete a solid offer that, in addition, the labor market demands.

The rector of the University of León, Juan Francisco García Marín, lit the fuse again at the opening of the academic year before the Minister of Education, Rocío Lucas, who was reminded of the aspirations of the Faculty of Medicine. A proposal that did not sit very well in Salamanca, which does have this title, for which the charro rector, Ricardo Rivero, asked for more funds for his center while for León he limited the entry of investments to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. In this open battle, the leader of the PSOE in Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, decided to stay home and claimed the degree for the University of Burgos.

Always present

Medicine. Studying to work as a doctor is the option that always appears in a ranking of twenty titles and, always, year after year since 2010/2011, new university students are required to specify what the title would be, Medicine is between the two top positions, except on rare occasions when it drops to the third rank. All the courses, a quarter of the students who would like to study another career different from the one they have enrolled in have been left with the desire to start their studies in Medicine and the same number in Veterinary Medicine. Since September 2019, Nursing has crept into the short list made up of titles from the branch of health sciences.

The University of León has managed to stabilize, despite the drop in the birth rate, its enrollment with more than two thousand students. The health branch, with Nursing at the head, has become, especially as a result of the pandemic, one of the titles with the most pull on the Leonese campuses, since it is taught in Vegazana and Ponferrada. The lack of Medicine cuts the wings of these students since almost one in five has enrolled in Nursing despite wanting to study Medicine and has not done so due to the lack of places or the cut-off mark.

The students have also quietly claimed this title for more than a decade and now that the university clamor is once again in the air, there are already several town halls with motions to claim the Junta de Castilla y León and its Ministry of Education to give take a step forward and, despite reluctance, give the University of León a push so that it can grow with a degree that has always been in mind and that has the support of both the need for graduates and the interest of future Leonese university students.

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