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A restaurant in the United States is in a legal mess with a client who left a tip of 3 thousand dollars (13 million pesos) to one of his waitresses. What should be an admirable act of generosity has turned into an ordeal for the parties as a result of a faulty banking process.

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As highlighted by the local media ‘Newsweek’, Eric Smith walked into Alfredo’s Pizza restaurant in Scranton to place an order for just $13. However, when paying, he left the surprising tip that amazed the shop workers.

I hope you own up to your actions and come forward and pay this

Moreover, the local television network covered the event stating that Smith donated the gratuity as part of a religious movement born on social media called ‘Tips for Jesus’.

“It really meant a lot to me, because everyone is going through a lot. It really touched my heart. I still can’t believe it. I’m still in a state of shock,” Mariana Lambert, a waitress who received the tip, declared on that occasion.

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Alfredo's Pizza

Smith wanted the money back

However, the situation started to get a bit confusing when Smith tried to get the money back by reversing the draft he made with his credit card.according to what Leslie Minicozzi Galacci, vice president of the restaurant, told ‘Newsweek’.

“We received a notice 45 days after he dined at our establishment (…) We had already paid Mari the $3,000 with a company check, so currently we, as owners, bear the loss.Galacci stated.

Crown and Waitress

Waitress (Reference image).

The management called the bank branch and was told that since it was a credit card, the amount could not be processed, so the transaction was canceled after a few hours.

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We thought someone was actually trying to do some good. (…) And now we are, what, three months later? Not even, and there is no answer. There’s nothing to show right now,” restaurant manager Zachary Jacobson told WNEP-TV.

As a result of the situation, they tried to communicate by all possible means with Smith, but he did not answer the calls, so the Alfredo’s board of trustees decided to file a lawsuit in the office of Magistrate Joanne Price Corbette in Lackawanna County.

“Unfortunately, we had to press charges because now we’re out of this money… He told us to sue him, so that’s what we’re going to end up doing.”

The store managers were deeply disappointed to have been victims of such a situation, as they thought that the kindness of the person involved was legitimate and that is why he had left the $3,000 tip.

“I hope he recognizes his actions and comes forward and pays for this”Jacobson concluded.

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