Nelson Del Valle announces his departure from “Day by Day”

TV presenter and broadcaster Nelson Valley today he says goodbye to what was his home for a decade, to the program “Día a Día”, which he broadcasts on Telemundo.

Through his social networks, along with several photos of his experience in the television program, the actor also revealed the news of his departure to dedicate himself to new work experiences, although he did not specify what direction his career will take.

“They say that changes are good and that they are challenges that open the door to other opportunities. But, the biggest challenge will be not missing my Day to Day family for all the learning and growth during these past 10 years. Today, with great gratitude, I share with you that, in order to gain new work experiences, I have decided to leave the show that gave me the opportunity to bring so much joy and healthy entertainment to homes. of my beloved Island, Puerto Rico. What an enriching experience, accompanied by a unique group that touched my life and gave me invaluable learning! Ray and Dagmar were my teachers and dear co-workers. I will always be grateful for this wonderful school. It was an honor to work with two great pillars of television in Puerto Rico”, he indicated at the beginning of his publication.

Similarly, he thanked his co-workers Gil López, Carlitos Ramírez, chef Noelian, Luis Enrique Falú and Sylvia Hernández, whom he said he admired and respected, as well as the channel’s technicians. Similarly, he extended his gratitude to the president of Telemundo, José Cancela, and producer Tony Mojena.

“To the wonderful audience of Día a Día and Telemundo PR, I would be speechless to thank you for the immense love and support you have given me over the last 10 years. I feel so lucky and blessed! Every message on the networks, every hug on the street, is of GREAT VALUE to me. For this reason, I wanted to improve myself more every day to be able to return to them, through the screen, all that love that they give me daily. Thank you so much, my people! The show must go on. We will see you very soon. I love you! ”He concluded his communication.

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