Lucía Méndez recalled when she met Pablo Escobar: “it is one of the times that I have been most scared”

Veteran television star Lucía Méndez recalled what it was like to sing for Pablo Escobar when his career was in full swing.

During the first chapter of the Netflix reality show “Siempre Reinas”, it was that the actress and former beauty queen recalled the fear she felt, after she had an encounter with the famous Colombian capo during one of her concerts.

According to what she said, she did not know about the presence of the deceased leader of the Medellín Cartel among those attending her show, but it was until her mother went behind the scenes and confessed to her who was enjoying her concert.


“My mom tells me: ‘you’re going to kill me.’ And I, ‘why?’ Do you know who is sitting in front of you? Pablo Escobar”, he recalled and acknowledged that he felt very afraid: “Petrified. I think it’s one of the times I’ve been scared the most.”

But the matter did not stop there. The singer of “Corazón de Piedra”, “Don Corazón” or “Se finished” was terrified when the narco -murdered by the police on December 2, 1995- sought her out to greet her and meet her. “We were already leaving, but Mr. Pablo Escobar greeted us. I was speechless. It was such a strong and impressive adrenaline rush; It is one of the times that I have been most scared, “she said in the chapter surrounded by the other Mexican” queens “Laura Zapata, Lorena Herrera and Sylvia Pasquel.

After the greeting that lasted several minutes, Escobar shared his phone number so that he would help them in any situation that put them in danger: “He told me: ‘the day you want, someone bothers you, your daughter, to your family, all I ask is that you call me on this phone number and you will have a friend in me”.


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