exercises to work with it and learn to do it well

The squat is a basic exercise in any fitness routine, as it helps keep the thigh, hip and gluteal muscles active, although it also intervenes, but to a lesser extent, in the abdomen and lower back.

If you perform this exercise correctly, you will be able to tone and increase your strength, strengthen your joints, improve your balance and reduce back pain. In fact, such is the importance of knowing how to do a squat well, that Twin Pins ( @gemelas_pin) they include her in many of their workouts.

And not only is there a variant, but there are more than nine types of squats, highlighting for example the isometric, Bulgarian or globet.


  • Tones and increases strength
  • Strengthens the joints
  • improves balance
  • Reduce back pain
  • improve speed
  • Promotes flexibility

To do a squat wellfirst look forward and chest out.

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