Africa Zavala raises the temperature by wearing flirty lingerie

Africa Zavala surprised his fans by posting a Photo in your account Instagram in which she wore flirtatious lingerie. The picture raised the temperature of the network and got hundreds of reactions from her fans, who did not miss the opportunity to fill her with compliments and phrases with which they recognize that she is one of the most beautiful artists of Mexican television.

Áfri, as her followers affectionately call her, is more active every day on her social networks, being the platform for Goal one of his favorites, well 2.1 million followers. It is on this site that he shares some updates on his professional and private life, as well as his best looksamong the ones who stand out tight dresses with whom models your figure and highlights your curves.

Africa Zavala shows off in flirtatious lingerie

This Monday, the actress of the second season of “Crown of tears” showed his most captivating side, as he showed off her silhouette with flirty lingerie. Zavala, who turned 37 last August, began the week with a photograph with which he conquered his millions of admirers by letting himself be seen like few times.

Africa Zavala shows off her silhouette in IG lingerie @afri_zavala

“Dreams are achieved when the mind believes and the heart is grateful!! #lindasemana #africazavala”, was the phrase and the hashtags with which Africa Zavala He shared the image in which he can be seen showing the top of her lingerie outfit. The artist conquered with her top in black color and lace, which had some transparenciesmaking this garment something very sensual and captivating.

As expected, fans of the actress, as well as her scene partners, including Maribel Guardia-with which it has been comparedthey wasted no time to comment some flattering words, as many consider it to be one of the most beautiful celebrities with the best figure of the show business in Mexico.

“Doll”, “Beautiful”, “Woo how beautiful my beautiful Afri”, “Beautiful as always”, “How beautiful” and “A lovely divine angel”, are just a few phrases that can be read in the comments of the publication that She has already exceeded 22,300 “likes” in less than 24 hours, something that shows that she is also one of the most beloved actresses on digital platforms.

Africa Zavala has one of the most enviable show figures IG @afri_zavala

Africa Zavala He became known in 2005 when he participated in the telenovela “Under the same roof“, by showing his talent he got his first leading role in “pilgrim“, and since then she has been active working on different melodramas like “The Champion’s Boss” “Trapped” and “Crown of Tears 2″where he shares credits with Victoria Ruffo.


3 photos of Africa Zavala that show why she is one of the most beautiful women in the world

In a sparkling evening dress, Africa Zavala gets all the praise on the internet | Photo

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