United Airlines suspends its services at JFK airport

The airline United Airlines informed that at the end of this month it will be temporarily suspending its flights to and from JFK airport located in New York City, assuring that the schedule they have is too small to continue being competitive.

The airline said that the start of the winter season has contributed to its decision to suspend, since it is the time when most airlines resume their flights at the airport, according to various media outlets such as the New York Times and CNN.

United reported that it has had talks with the Federal Aviation Administration (FDA for its acronym in English), on the expansion of the airline’s presence at JFK airport, where flights are strictly regulated. The agency has promised to make improvements, but such changes would take time, United reported.

“JFK’s importance to our operation has not changed: We believe New York customers deserve more choice, and United’s strong service to JFK is good for our customers, our employees and our airline,” United said in the letter. to CNN and other media.

“As a result, we will continue our pursuit of a larger and more desirable schedule for our clients and will be ready to take advantage of those opportunities when they arise,” they reported.

United has been negotiating with the FAA to acquire additional slots, or takeoff and landing clearances, at JFK and advocating that the agency update its assessment of the airport’s capacity.

“The FAA is dedicated to doing its part to safely expand New York City’s airports and airspace capacity,” the agency said in a statement Sunday. “We will follow our fair and well-established process for awarding future slots to increase competition between airlines so passengers have more choice.”

The airline had formally restarted flights from JFK airport last year after a five-year hiatus.

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