The song that became an anthem of the protests in Iran, unleashed the anger of the regime and led to the arrest of its author

An artist gathered the claim phrases on social networks

“For my sister, your sister, our sisters.” “For the longing for a common life.” The claims of the demonstrations in Iran that were replicated on social networks returned to the streets in the form of a songafter a singer brings them together in a composition that has already become an anthem of the marches that continue to shake the Islamic regime.

The wave of protests, which began after the death of young Mahsa Amini in mid-September after being detained by Tehran’s morality police for breaking the dress code, has been singing the song created by Shervin Hajipourwho collected tweets that supported the demonstrations and captured them in the video that went viral.

Baraye (“By”) is the title of the success that reviews thirty reasons to claim the Persian regime.

After moving thousands of Iranians to tears on social media, Hajipour was arrested at the end of September by the authoritiesas a symbol of the vehemence of the repression of protests in Iran.

A) Yes, the singer became even more famous with his popular song. His lawyer said was released on bail on Tuesday and reunited with his family in the northern city of Babolsar.

But the regime has not been able to prevent the song from spreading, despite internet outages and attempts at censorship.

On Monday, activist Masih Alinejad released a video showing girls singing the anthem in a school. In addition, they challenge by showing themselves without the hijabwith bare hair.

The minors were shown with their hair uncovered

Among other slogans, the song claims: “For the child who collects garbage, and his dreams / For endless crying / For imprisoned intellectuals / For women, life, freedom.”

Dozens of people, mainly protesters but also police officers, have been killed in the protests, which the authorities are calling “riots”, and several hundred have been arrested.

Human rights organizations denounce the violent repression, especially against students, during the incidents from Sunday to Monday night at Tehran’s Sharif University of Technology, the most prestigious in Iran.

The Oslo-based NGO Iran Human Rights (IHR) released two videos, one of which appears to show Iranian policemen on motorcycles chasing students running in an underground car park, and the other, policemen on motorcycles leading people with their heads covered with black cloth bags.

In other footage, gunshots and screams can be heard as large numbers of people run down a street at night.

Riot police fired bullets and tear gas at students who shouted “Woman, life, freedom”, “students prefer death to humiliation”, according to the Iranian news agency Mehr.

The full lyrics of Shervin Hajipour’s song:

For dancing in the alleys

For the fear that is felt when kissing

For my sister, your sister, our sisters

To change the minds that have rotted

For the shame, for being broke

For the longing for a common life

For the boy who collects garbage, and his dreams

For this controlled economy

For this polluted air

Through the Vali-‘asr street and the withered trees

For Piruz and its probable extinction

For the innocent forbidden dogs

For the endless crying

For the image of this moment that repeats itself again

For a laughing face

For the children of the school, for the future

For this obligatory paradise

For the imprisoned intellectuals

for Afghan children

For all these reasons, no two are the same

For all these empty slogans

Through the ruined adobe houses

For a feeling of peace

For the sun after the long nights

For medication for depression and insomnia

For men, country, prosperity

For the girl who wanted to be a boy

For women, life, freedom

For Liberty

For Liberty

For Liberty

(With information from AFP and AP)


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