PRM calls on its members to refrain from participating in the consultation of the former government party

Santo Domingo, DR.

The president of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), José Ignacio Paliza, informed the suspension of all activities scheduled for October 16with the aim that the Dominican Liberation Party “can hold a consultation in a calm manner and without interventions.”

Wishing “the best of luck” to the six candidates of the former government party who will undergo a consultation process next Sunday to choose their candidates for the 2024 elections, he called on the members and supporters of the PRM to not participate in this process so as not to hinder the voting.

“We invite the members of the PRM not to be part of this consultation so that this political organization can hold its consultation without the influence of the organization to which we belong,” Paliza added.

internal elections

Similarly, the Executive Directorate of the PRM reported that they would hold some closed elections with a view to the 2024 contest.

The PRM called on all members or sympathizers of the ruling party to join the growth plan as of October 30which will aim to systematize the number of people who will be able to participate in their internal elections.

“Anyone who wishes to join our ranks and aspires to have a candidacy for our party can do so, but bearing in mind that we will have closed democratic elections,” said Paliza.

He reported that the Executive Directorate of the PRM elected Sigmund Freud, political delegate of the PRM before the Central Electoral Board and president of the national commission of internal elections of the PRM, while Sara Paulino and Ray Sánchez will act as substitutes.

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