He was a soap opera heartthrob, but he gained 30 kilos and now he does this for a living

It is common to find information on the Internet that reveals the new activities in which various personalities who have triumphed in the guild of showThis is the case of a famous soap opera heartthrob who over time underwent a drastic physical change, specifically because he gained more than 30 kilos.

Is about Francisco Gattorno, who for more than 26 years was working with the San Ángel television station and we could even see him on reality shows such as “The stars dance on Today”.

It is to be remembered that Gattorno He arrived in Mexico in the early 1990s and five years later he already had an important role on Mexican television, this because in 1995 he was able to star in the melodrama “La dueña” alongside Angelica Rivera and Cynthia Klitbothis last actress became his wife for a few years and then they separated.

The famous actor also participated in various productions such as My sin, True loves, Italian girl is coming to marry, Women in black, Canaveral of passions, You and me, Labyrinths of passion, The ninth commandmentamong others.

Although he had already carried out some projects in Telemundothe truth is that his success with this television station came after the actor participated in the famous narco-series “El Señor de los Cielos”, but after his work in said production the Cuban moved away from the screen for a while, starting From that moment he began to have a radical physical change and gained up to 30 kilos.

After his distance from the spotlight, the former gallant TV soaps He returned to work with the San Ángel television station, this as part of “La desalmada”, later a new job proposal arrived for him and this was from TV Azteca, where he recently served as one of the contestants of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico.

However, his culinary skills failed to convince the judges, so the Cuban was fired from this production and it is known that he is now waiting for new projects to arrive for him, no matter if it has to do with dance reality shows. or kitchen, he has shown that he is willing to work in any of these areas in order to continue having a job in front of the cameras.

Francisco Gattorno gained 30 kilos. Photo: Special



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