Alfredo Adame: They filter a video of a beating against the actor near his house, in Tlalpan

Just a few days ago, the actor Alfredo Adame was a topic of conversation at social networks after he suffered an assault by some subjects outside his home while trying to help an injured woman who was at the scene.

The blows he received caused four fractures in various parts of his face, the most serious being his right eye, because according to the studies carried out in the hospital, it could have caused a retinal detachment.

Fortunately, the attackers were arrested after the attack against the actor and were linked to the process, so they will take their case to the Prison Yourr, Adame said this in an interview for “Come the Joy”.

Despite this, the informal pretrial detention He does not leave the driver alone since he says he is afraid of possible reprisals against him at any time.

“I am very afraid, I live alone. They are undesirable people, they are linked to drug dealing and I feel uneasy because at any moment they can pass by and shoot me,” he said.

Alfredo is even evaluating the possibility of hiring private security and having him stay at his house.

They filter video of the aggression against Adame

While the entire legal process against the aggressors is taking place, a video of the beating against Alfredo Adame began to circulate on social networks, in which You can see that he is a few meters from his house with an ambulance, two policemen and the characters who attacked him in custody.

What has caught the attention of said recording is that, also, Adame can be seen insulting and kicking his alleged attackers, despite the fact that the authorities were already present.

“Sh*t to your…”, the famous man is heard saying, as soon as he kicks. “He was already, he was already,” said those involved.

At one point he shows up as Alfredo he lunges at the two men and one of the officers has to stop him.

As expected, the reactions of the users could not be missing and although in most of the comments they make fun of the attempt to defend themselves from the driver, others assure that the person who recorded it did not do the right thing by publishing it.



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