Yordenis Ugás calls Humberto López an unworthy cockroach

Cuban boxer Yordenis Ugás said that government spokesman Humberto López is an unworthy cockroach who puts himself on the news to discredit people for the sole fact of thinking differently.

Ugás spread his opinion about López on his Facebook profile, following a publication by independent journalist Ernesto Morales, who shared a funny image of a punching bag boxing with the face of the official journalist.

“I saw this post from my friend Ernesto… but no way, my gloves don’t deserve that. This unworthy man did not invent this thing of getting on the news to defame whatever opponent there is. I’ve read Batista had his Humberto too, his name was Otto Meruelo. But that one had balls because he talked about and discredited the men from 26 who carried out sabotage, killed policemen and put up to 100 bombs in one night”, considers Ugás, who alludes to the journalist and supporter of the dictator Fulgencio Batista, who has already on other occasions been compared to Lopez.

According to Ugás, while Meruelo, at least, took issue with the saboteurs of the July 26 Movement, López, on the other hand, slanders “peaceful opponents within Cuba and “people in exile”, whose “only crime is to think differently and want to change”.

“Batista Otto Meruelo’s cockroach was 30 years old when the revolution triumphed, he turned 20 and later died in New York. I hope that this one, which looks so similar, has a similar ending as well. Homeland and Life”, sentenced the Cuban professional boxer.

In 2010, Ugás, one of the most important Cuban amateur athletes, dropped out of the national team and emigrated to the US where he began his professional career.

Ugás, who won the World Welterweight Championship by the World Boxing Association, has been one of the Cuban public figures who has made the cause of opposition to the Cuban regime more visible, with constant declarations of support.

At the end of July, Ugás questioned the Cubans who live in the United States and remain silent in the face of the atrocities and human rights violations committed by the regime on the island.

The boxer criticized that they remain silent once they reach lands of freedom, only to “become mules, to return to the year and the day. Not everyone, I’m not generalizing, but many yes.

At the beginning of that same month, the boxer said be sure that sooner or later “the Cuban people will take to the streets again” to demonstrate against the regime because the oppressive and inefficient system that governs the island is unbearable.

Ugás’s prediction was not wrong, because, during the summer, Cubans have come out to protest against constant blackouts and for economic prosperity and greater freedoms.

Due to his positions, this prominent Cuban athlete has been a regular target of criticism and defamation by the propaganda apparatus of the Cuban regime.

In April, Milagros Hernández Hechavarría, the boxer’s mother, had to confront the attacks by Cuban television against his sonafter his defeat in the fight against the American Errol Spence.

Milagros referred to the television program with edgein which his presenter tried to demerit the boxer and even shared memes in which he made fun of his appearance after the fight (Ugás was left with an eye in very bad condition), or compared him to the members of the failed invasion of Playa Giron in 1961.

In an extensive text on her Facebook wall, the woman denounced all the injustices her son suffered in Cuba at the hands of the sports authorities.

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