Colombian in the United States shares how he earns $300 a day

A young man identified as Ángel recounted, on his TikTok account, how he managed to earn $300 in one day in the United States.

About some months ago, offers for Latino workers in the United States have increased considerably because, after the pandemic, millions of Americans left their jobs.

Labor, then, has been in high demand in this country and for this reason Colombians and Latinos in general have taken on the task of looking for work there and fulfilling the so-called American dream.

Ángel said that he arrived in the United States and decided to find work as an automotive detailervehicle customizer, a job for which the person may or may not have experience.

As he said, “I am going to show you how I earned 600 dollars [2.766.006 pesos] here in the United States in two days. That was one of the first jobs I had and I want to show you how I reinvented myself. I knew absolutely nothing about it, but I learned, ”she recounted.

He said that he started to learn more about the subject and became an expert, which brings him very good profits, since, he said, “The gringos spend a lot of money on cars.”

“I learned this art and, fortunately, in this country they pay well for it. It is not easy, but with perseverance and dedication it can be done”, he concluded.

It is worth remembering that the United States is experiencing a phenomenon known as ‘The Great Renunciation’, which began in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic and has left workforce needs in key sectors for the economy of the North American country.

According to a study conducted by the United States Chamber of Commerce, Kentucky is the state that has increased job openings the most as millions of people quit their jobs.

According to the report, the sectors in which the greatest number of resignations were presented and at the same time many vacancies were opened are: transportation, education, health care, social assistance, wholesale and retail trade, food and hospitality, and leisure.

The report assured that in the case of the hospitality and leisure industry, the highest number of job losses was registered, with 5.4%, while in the construction and mining sector there is a shortage of labor.

This phenomenon of ‘The Great Renunciation’ was born from the pandemic, since in 2021 a total of 47 million workers decided to leave their jobs and a large part of these vacancies have not been filled.

According to the Vive USA portal, one of the reasons for this phenomenon has to do with the increase in work at home during the pandemic and the fact that, once they were asked to return to the offices, many decided to leave their jobs.

On the other hand, the aid that Americans received during the pandemic allowed many to save some money and earn even more than when they were working, a phenomenon for which they decided to leave their jobs and take advantage of their savings.

In addition, a little more than three million Americans made the decision to retire early in order to leave their jobs.

In this sense, campaigns have been implemented to offer benefits to people so that they start working in those sectors that have a lack of labor force, as well as opening spaces so that migrants can work there.

US company seeks Colombians to work remotely for five hours; pay $1.5 million

Remote work has been consolidated in recent years after the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, it has become one of the most used models in the world.

Against this background, the Sena Public Employment Agency continues to offer Colombians several job opportunities and launched last week a new call to work with a recognized company in the United States, which has vacancies available for telemarketers.

“Important company, in coordination with the Public Employment Agency Sena, requires Colombian profiles to work in the United States. Keep in mind that, if included in the selection process, the work will be carried out remotely”, the entity specified.

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