Who built the longest car in the world

Jay Ohrberg is an eminence in car development. His workshop has created the longest car in the world – Guinness Record – and countless vehicles for Hollywood. Next, we delve into an exquisite history of automotive culture.

You are welcome to a new history of automotive culture. Today we will delve into the life and work of one of the most outstanding personalities in the automotive industry. This is Jay Ohrberg.

Born in Illinois, United States, Ohrberg He has his working beginnings as a truck driver, touring the extensive and zigzagging road network of his native country. That’s where it all started: hours of thinking and planning behind the wheel of his truck.

A true lover of American culture

Jay Ohrberg in his auto shop.

It didn’t take many years for him to unleash his creativity. His designs featured cars, American culture and a certain exclusivity. Ohrberg did not design series cars, for the day to day, but his passion led him to devise possible worlds: rare, unique, elaborate vehicles; artworks.

Through its renowned workshop, Jay Ohrberg Star Cars, he was the mentor of several classic pieces of cinema. For example, him batmobile of “Batman Returns” It was his doing, go of the “Ghostbusters” it was his work, the car of “Robo CopIt was his doing. And the list goes on.

It is in this workshop where the idea of ​​creating the longest car ever made was born. The year was 1986. Based on a cadillac eldorado, with factory date in 1976, the builder got down to work. His idea was to create a car 100 feet in length.

And he achieve it. “The American Dream” -so he baptized the car- has, among other things, a swimming pool, a king size water bed and a heliport in its rear area that becomes a mini golf course when the helicopter is not parked. Ohrberg took into account the playfulness of American culture when developing the American dream.

“The American Dream”, an unprecedented car

“The American Dream” in 2020. Source: Guinness Record.

When leaving the ohrberg’s garagethe car was a reality of 10 tonstwo 8-cylinder engines, 26 wheels, a central joint for steering and two driving positions.

His name is not random. Cadillacin its years of great splendor and expansion -post second war-, was one of the companies that instituted the american dream concept. The house, the spacious car, the front garden, education for all children, financial and marital stability, the arrival of television in every home; all this represented the simple phrase “American dream”, in contrast to Europe devastated and impoverished by World War II.

The truth is that this car that entered the Guinness world record in 1986, eventually fell into disrepair and disuse in a New Jersey shed. Until in 2019 it was acquired to be restored, as you may suspect, in a laborious part-by-part work.

So far, a new history of automotive culture, where cars, fascination for the way of life of a country and creativity are intermingled. Until next time, friends and friends.

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