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In February 2022, Gustavo Roverano took the reins of this category in the midst of a rather complicated situation for minors’ football. The national youth were still on hold due to the pandemic and there was little they could do to return to action.

The Uruguayan DT, then, did not have -and does not have- an easy task. But many months and many microcycles have passed and, at this point, the expected fruits of the promising group at his disposal are still not in sight.

Participation in the Revelations Cup 2022, a friendly youth competition, was the clear reflection that things are not going well at all in the national U-20. The Peruvian team played three games in this preparatory tournament and the conclusions it left behind are totally negative.

Photo: fpf
Photo: fpf

The national cast fell 3-1 to their counterpart from the United States in their debut, drew 1-1 against Paraguay with two more players on the court for several minutes, and closed their participation in the tournament with another painful 1-2 loss to Mexico. .

“It was a bad tournament. A strictly concrete game idea has not been seen and the results translated what happened on the field from the first game “says Gonzalo Santiago, CEO of ‘‘.

The Uruguayan DT thus intensified his negative balance in command of the U-20 with a total of six defeats, two draws and only one victory. Apparently, the present is hard on our future.

Gustavo Roverano is coach of the Peru U-20 |  Photo: FPF
Gustavo Roverano is coach of the Peru U-20 | Photo: FPF

In fact, some supporters of this youth group have already lost patience and hope that the team will soon do without Roverano on the bench. And, of course, the reasons are fully justified. Due to performance issues, the Uruguayan should not continue any longer.

“The team has not yet fully materialized despite having great figures who stand out at a professional level. It seems to me that many things have to be corrected, such as the stopped ball, more than 40% of the goals he received in that tournament (6) came that way. Also, Roverano has not transmitted his philosophy and game idea to the team yet”comments Jesús Mogollón, owner of the page .

It’s not that the coach doesn’t have good players in his squad. Quite the contrary. He has quite interesting weapons at his mercy to exploit at will. But he hasn’t known how to do it and he still hasn’t found a way.

Photo: FPF
Photo: FPF

However, the South American of the category is already looming on the horizon (four months to go) and changing coaches at this point could be twice as damaging. “Roverano must continue”, estimates Gonzalo Santiago. In addition, this problem is not only yours obviously; the crisis is structural, as has been talked about for so long.

“I am not here to defend Roverano, however, a Under-20 team It is the tip of the iceberg of what that generation of players has been at their clubs. It is true that there is no specific game idea, but this lack of competitiveness comes from the beginning of his formative stage. If we don’t do something to restructure it and turn the situation around, then this will always be a loop like it always has been.”comments the owner of the portal VSN – Soccer for Minors.

The Uruguayan DT – while he still has the confidence of the FPF, of course – will have to double his efforts in everything that comes and look for the best way for his team to begin to bear fruit. Time is already running out. But there is always faith.

“I refuse to be pessimistic, we have innate talent in Peru and I am convinced that this situation is going to change”Gonzalo Santiago hopes.

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the salvageable

There is a lot of wood to work and exploit in the Roverano Sub 20. The Uruguayan coach has players with great projection at his disposal and, since not everything is bad, it is necessary to talk about them in this note.

“I have seven players who are TOP for the category, but they still need to get along and understand each other on the pitch: Cabellos, Goicochea, Grimaldo, Cabrera, Aron Sánchez, Matías Lazo and André Vasquez”personally distinguishes Jesús Mogollón.

catriel hair It is surely the best that Peru has in its minor categories. The Racing midfielder never tires of standing out and, not coincidentally, he is also a figure in the Sub 23 at just 18 years old. He was even invited to the selection of Juan Reynoso for the absolute selection. In the Revelations Cup he played all three matches as the undisputed starter for the Under-20s.

Catriel Cabellos in the match against the United States |  Photo: FPF
Catriel Cabellos in the match against the United States | Photo: FPF

We also have Joao Grimaldoa skilled winger who has already added several minutes in the First Division with Sporting Cristal and who has already shown what he is capable of doing with a ball in his possession.

we can’t forget Aron Sanchez, a very interesting center back, who has earned the right to be captain of the group by hand. He supports him being one of the players with the most minutes in the First Division. This season, in fact, he has played 23 games and started in all of them.

Nor can we lose sight of especially Juan Pablo Goicochea (scored against Mexico), Bruno Portugal, Kenji Cabrera and Jack Carhuallanquiplayers who have the promising poster and who, little by little, are consolidating themselves in the Sub 20. It will be a matter of time -perhaps- before they can show themselves in all their dimension.

However, the (unfortunate) participation in the Revelations Cup served so that some players can continue to stand out and fight for an important position in the group. “Beyond the results, we have seen elements that we can already say who appears to be the starters. The cases of Stefano Olaya, Gilmar Paredes and André Vasquez are the ones that have stood out in this tournament”evaluates Gonzalo Santiago.

It is necessary to emphasize precisely Stefano Olaya, an attacker who has been consolidating in the Sub 20 with quite positive performances. He was the scorer of the equalizer against Paraguay in the recent tournament and, with this, he already has three goals on his account in the Roverano era. He now he seeks to continue down the same path. He has plenty of talent and goal.

It is clear, then, that in the midst of darkness there are lights that illuminate the path and in which we can take refuge. There is still time to correct the various errors. There is still time to make the most of the group’s great talent. And there is still time to provide solutions, at least instant. There is with what

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