Luis Miguel will marry again!; Mexican journalist says that he has already delivered an engagement ring

Luis Miguel returns to the headlines in the pink chronicle after a Mexican journalist assured that the interpreter of “La Incondicional”, will marry again.

The artist, popularly known as “El Sol de México”, had stayed out of the spotlight for several years, but apparently, in addition to having plans to return to the stage, he will also walk down the aisle in 2023.

The entertainment journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante was the one who offered the scoop on his program “First Hand”, where he assured that Luis Miguel had already given the engagement ring to Paloma Cuevas.

“I am able to confirm that this week, a couple of days ago, Luis Miguel gave an engagement ring to Paloma Cuevaswho was his comadre, “the journalist reported.

He also said that the interpreter would marry the lady in 2023 and the couple would perform two ceremonies, one in Spain and the other in Mexico.

In that same space, he said that Luis Miguel will do a concert tour next year and that he resumed the working relationship with his former manager Alejaron Asensiwhom he fired years ago after learning that he had a secret relationship with the singer’s daughter, Michelle Salas.

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