Celia Lora looks lovely and smiles from Florence, Italy

Even though these days of trip they have already happened, Celia Lora continues to remember them and share them with great affection for her audience, trying to make it possible for us to observe most of the tourist destinations that she managed to visit on the old continent.

This time it is an entertainment piece in which we could see how her charms look in this beautiful colorful outfit that she had previously shown us, since it is one of the most comfortable and the one she wore on this occasion when she was visiting the boot-shaped country, Italyspecifically the city of florence which is one of the prettiest they have.

In the snapshot we could see an interior patio, a construction that left everyone impressed with its architecture and that she also filled her with a lot of happiness, a place where just by being there she felt something indescribable.

It quickly got more than 34,000 “likes”, an excellent figure that also shows the great attention it has in the social networks. social networkswhere she is one of the most popular models, sometimes with incredible photo shoots.

Despite the fact that this time it is only a small travel souvenir, it also reminds us that it is not the only type of content that it produces, since on many occasions it also collaborates with other Influencers and the results are truly impressive.

In addition, he never tires of inviting us to subscribe to his different pay-per-view content platforms. subscription monthly, being the one for fans only the main one and in the highest income account, delivering different content in each of them.

Celia Lora will continue working and it is important to mention that since she was very little she always dreamed of being a model for the rabbit magazine, she saw the people who worked there and dreamed of one day becoming one, now that she is one, she cannot feel more proud .

She has been collaborating with them for more than 10 years and on many occasions they have launched special editions where she appears on the cover, being considered their best bunny in Mexico, even winning the cover for the United States, the first Mexican to achieve it.

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