Woman has been without power for four months waiting for an expert electrician

Bayamon. Ruthie’s routine revolves around an orange electrical cord that her neighbor has thrown at her so she can get through life without power.

In the mornings, in order to have breakfast, he removes the extension cord from the refrigerator and connects it to a stove. Then plug the fridge back in. If you’re going to do laundry, you also have to leave your fridge without power.

At night, she sometimes turns on the television in her room and a fan. On other occasions, neither she nor she dares to turn them on for fear of leaving her neighbor without electricity.

A beautiful old chandelier decorates the living room of the home, without being able to unfold its brightness for months. It is that Ruthie – as Ruth Rivera is called by the residents of 20th Street, in the Sierra Bayamón urbanization, has been on this hustle and bustle since last May 18 without her having been able to get help to solve her dilemma with the electric service.

The case was taken to the segment
The case was taken to the segment “Revive la Esperanza” that is broadcast on Telemundo’s “Día a Día” program and has the collaboration of Primera Hora. (Frances Rosario)

The 63-year-old woman lives “alone with my two dogs and a kitten” in the house that her parents inherited and where she grew up from the age of seven. She described herself as a believer in God, shy and forgetful. Therefore, she argued that she has not gone out to seek help from the municipality or government agencies to resolve her situation.

However, he commented that “the neighbors were interested in me.” For this reason, they took their case to the segment “Revive la Esperanza” that is broadcast on Telemundo’s “Día a Día” program and has the collaboration of First hour.

As he recounted, “since March 18, half of the light went out in half of the house. A cable snapped. So, then I was like this until May 18, when the other cable broke and, well, I was completely without electricity. Since that date I have been without electricity.

In the period when only half of the house was energized, he had to reorganize the kitchen. This is because the dining room receptacle was the only one powered.

In that time from March to May, Ruthie contacted LUMA Energy. A brigade came to his home and recommended that he get an expert electrician to solve his problem, since they alluded to the fact that it is an incident of the old electrical cables of the home and not of the service they can provide.

“I made a complaint and they came to check the meter and they told me that LUMA did not do that, that it had to be a certified electrician, because you had to break all that up to find the cable, to see where the cable was broken”, story.

Ruthie alleged that two expert electricians came to check her home. The first told her that he could not help her, because she lived far from her business area in Caguas, and the second told her that he was too sick to do the required work. She did, however, come up with a cost estimate, which stated that finding the broken cable and repairing it could cost about $4,000.

Already when he was completely without electricity and with the problems he faced getting someone to do the electrical work for him, his neighbor Carmen Oliveras Colón decided to extend his hand with the electric extension.

“The cable comes from my loving neighbor. If not, I would be here with a candle, ”said the sixty-year-old.

Oliveras Colón reported that the act of helping Ruthie is done with love.

“Imagine, if it happened to me, you put yourself in the place of the person. There should always be someone to reach out to you. Today for her and tomorrow for me. That’s what I understand,” she commented on her selfless act of helping Ruthie.

He explained that on Calle 20 most of the residents are women who are widowed or divorced.

“I ask that you take action, because she has sought help and has sought contractors and they all look bad on her… Truly, there is not much alternative. We have to get ahead, we have to fight. So, well, imagine, she has sought help, but sometimes we women don’t pay much attention to us, sometimes a man is needed to exert pressure. And what I want is for her to be resolved. Blessed, that for Christmas at least, she can put up her Christmas ornament and she cheers up, because this causes depression, ”she cried.

For her part, Ruthie agreed that while it would be difficult for her to pay $4,000 to make the necessary repair, she is not looking for financial help. She stated that what she needs is to find someone to solve her lack of electricity.

“My request is that yes, please, whoever can help me, at least find an expert to do the job for me. I don’t like to ask for much,” she said.

Then, he added that “what I want is for them to fix my light, the Lord will provide where the money is going to come from. I dont like to ask for things”.

What the woman does not want is to “continue to bother her neighbor”. He expressed concern that his Oliveras Colón would fall because of the cable that runs through his entire canopy.

“Sometimes I am very calm, but sometimes I get desperate… But, I know that the Lord is great and there will be a solution in the name of the Lord,” she said, indicating that her neighbor sometimes does not he wants to take the money he gives her to pay for the electricity.

And, while Ruthie is without power, LUMA Energy has continued to charge for service under estimate.

As he showed, the last invoice, which expired on September 20, came from $168. This despite the fact that in the calls he has made to the company they allege that he should only be charged $4 for the connection to the electrical system.

The woman said that the energy consortium had told her that they would make an adjustment when the situation is corrected in her home.

The bill keeps coming.
The bill keeps coming. (Frances Rosario)

to shake hands

Whoever wishes to help in the cases outlined in Revive la Esperanza and Primera Hora write to:, or through WhatsApp to the number: 787-505-7575. In the same way, you can make contact to publicize a case that needs this help.

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